Advantages of Precast technology in Construction


Indian real estate majors are using precast technology to develop their new ventures. The key benefits of precast technology are consistency, speed of construction and value-for-money.

In order to reduce labour shortages, time delays and to produce better goods, developers and builders are now implementing precast technology in India. Concrete has been known for its toughness and aesthetic flexibility for centuries. Adding to the many well-known advantages of concrete, precast concrete has its own unique set of strengths. It is not only durable and versatile, but also safer for the environment and can greatly reduce construction time. Now-a-days, many commercial projects in Hyderabad can be seen making use of this innovative technology.

What is Precast Technology?

The type of building in which concrete is cast in reusable mould and then treated in a controlled environment (recasting plant) is called precast concrete. The cast concrete structure is then transported to the building site and then installed. Structural elements, such as concrete frames, concrete walls and concrete floors, etc., may be built using precast concrete.

Benefits of Precast Construction Technology

Traditional concrete development can’t stand up to precast concrete advantages and strengths, particularly when working with large projects. Precast concrete is specifically built and designed to have a substantially high span-to-profile ratio that allows it to handle loads better, eliminating the need for additional columns and supports inside the building’s internal structure.

• Reduced costs:
Precast concrete goods are produced off-site, under roof and shipped ready to be installed as required. This creative process absorbs project schedules, reduces safety risks, reduces site disturbances and lowers total project costs by having fewer construction companies and fewer workers on site.

• Environment resistant:
Precast concrete structures have excellent resistance to fires, natural disasters, insects and molds. Like no other building material, its resilience to rain, wind damage, earthquakes, termites and decay has lower maintenance and insurance costs. It can also endure many freeze-thaw phases of winters better than other construction materials.

• Thermal performance:
Expenses involved with heating and cooling can be substantially minimised by thermal mass advantages of concrete. Reduced peak heating and cooling loads can be accomplished since concrete responds slowly to outside changes in temperature.

• Low maintenance service:
The outside of the precast concrete structure can be left unpainted without damage to the components. Painting is only required every five to ten years if it is desired. Precast concrete interiors are less affected and easier to wash.

• Audio Controls:
Due to its density of concrete, precast structures absorb sound, making it an excellent option for residential and commercial buildings.

• Compatible Wi-Fi:
With workplaces increasingly linked to information technology, it is a happy opportunity that precast buildings do not conflict with radio signals, local Wi-Fi or internet networks. This makes precast the most technology-friendly construction material possible.

Aurobindo’s Projects & Precast Technology

Your hunt for an office space in Hyderabad will come to end with the commercial projects in Hyderabad by Aurobindo Realty. A one-of-a-kind commercial project, Aurobindo Galaxy is located in HITEC City and is created using this same precast technology.

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