Amenities You Must Look For in A Gated Community


Nowadays, a lot of people are inclined towards moving in a gated community for fair reasons like lifestyle preference, more space, easy access to basic facilities etc.  Gated community is a better option because of the list of benefits it brings along. A well-planned locality ensures residential safety, luxurious amenities, enough space for kids to spread their wings and much more.

It is surely an escape from congested urban life but there are a number of amenities you must look for in a gated community before deciding to move in one. There are many things you should add to your checklist other than just suitable location and proximity.

Here are few amenities that will help you decide which gated community your dream home will be in:


  1. 24/7 SecurityThe most important reason why people opt for gated communities is because of the uncompromised security and 24/7 surveillance it offers. Entry in a gated community is restricted and hence no outsider can enter the premises which ensures safety of our elders and kids. It also results in reduced congestion on roads within the community.

  2. Sufficient Water SupplyUrban residents often face water and power scarcity. Gated communities overcome these problems through modern installations like rain water harvesting, solar generators, ground water harvesting etc. Today, many gated communities promise 24/7 water and electric supply.
  3. Children’s Play AreaKids need green open spaces to play and fresh air to breathe for a healthy growth. In cities, due to lack of appropriate space and safety on roads, kids end up spending their childhood within the walls of their house. This leads to gadget addiction and ignored physical fitness. Gated communities offer green play area where your kids can live a fun-filled childhood.
  4. Fitness and Recreational FacilitiesIn today’s busy world, we live such fast-paced life that we seldom get time for ourselves. To break the loop and develop ourselves as a person it is very important to indulge in some recreational activity. Nowadays, gated communities give its residents recreational facilities like swimming pool, clubhouse, super markets, mini-theatres, etc. within the premises so that they can relax and enjoy without having to invest much of their time in travelling.
  5. Proximity and ConnectivityWhile choosing a place of your residence, you must always ask yourself if basic necessities like school, hospital, market, means of transportation are easily accessible or not. While most of the gated communities have school and hospital within the premises, other facilities like bus/train station, police and fire station should also be in close proximity.

If the gated community you were planning to move into does not have the above amenities, then it will not be a wise decision to do so. Gated communities which lack basic amenities might still be a peaceful place to live but convenience holds equal weightage when it comes to leading a happy life.

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