Unlock the Power of Vastu Shastra: Top 3 Tips for Harmonious Interior Décor!

Unlike popular belief, Vastu Shastra plays a significant role in terms of the interior decoration of your home. Vastu experts stress the fact that even if the construction sticks to the Vastu norms, improper décor inside can disrupt the overall energy balance of the property.

Therefore, when planning your interiors, it’s advisable to consult with a Vastu expert who can strategically position various elements to bring health, prosperity, and harmony to your home.

Influence of Interior Arrangement on Vastu

Experts emphasize that interior design factors like wall colors, entrance placement, furniture positioning, and arrangement of sacred spaces profoundly impact Vastu considerations. A house’s interior layout influences Vastu in the following ways:

  1. The kitchen’s location correlates with family health and wealth.
  2. Bedroom interiors affect occupants’ well-being, career, and personal lives.
  3. The positioning of the prayer room influences household prosperity and tranquillity.
  4. The placement of mirrors can act on health and happiness.
  5. Furniture arrangement works on influencing the energy equilibrium, thereby leading to mental peace and health.
  6. Proper water placement is crucial for maintaining health and hygiene.
  7. The selection of colours for different areas of the house can also yield specific effects.
    Adhering to Vastu Principles for Interior Arrangement

Interior design encompasses various elements within a home, from windows and entrances to colors and textures. Vastu principles aim to establish harmony using the five fundamental elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Aligning furniture, accessories, and interiors with Vastu Shastra is believed to invite prosperity, health, and overall well-being. Each room is associated with eight directions. Hence, designing interiors that adhere to Vastu rules is essential to resonate with these elements. For instance, it’s recommended that the entrance of the house faces east, as the rising sun in the east symbolizes light and positivity entering the home. Additionally, Vastu acknowledges the positive and negative effects of different colors.

Here are some other crucial Vastu tips related to interior design for homeowners:

  1. Avoid using black-colored furniture and tiles in the kitchen.
  2. Ensure that the reading or studying area faces east.
  3. Except for the north, you can sleep in any direction.
  4. Dim lights should be avoided throughout the home.
  5. Maintain cleanliness and tidiness in the northeast corner.
  6. Avoid facing mirrors while sitting or sleeping.

Enhancing Interior Décor with Vastu-Compliant Artwork

According to Vastu Shastra, the water element corresponds to the northeast direction. Placing calming, water-themed artwork in this area is believed to attract wealth and positive fortune. However, it’s advisable to avoid such artwork in the bedroom. Artwork in the bedroom should ideally depict pairs of objects, as single objects may signify loneliness. Paintings or depictions of paired animals, such as swans or parrots, symbolize companionship and harmony. Similarly, Vastu suggests decorating south and south-west walls with images of tall buildings or rocky mountains to enhance the earth element and bring luck.
Incorporating Plants in Home Interiors according to Vastu

Green plants contribute to a relaxing atmosphere and foster positivity within the home. Tulsi, a sacred plant, is thought to bring prosperity and should be placed in the northeast, east, or north for optimal sunlight exposure. Money plants are considered auspicious and should be positioned in the southeast corner to attract luck and prosperity. However, as per Vastu principles, it’s advised not to place money plants outside. Bamboo plants are believed to dispel negative energy and restore balance when placed in the east or southeast direction as well. Other auspicious plants such as jade, jasmine, and peace lily can be incorporated into home interiors for good luck.

Vastu Lighting Tips for Interior Embellishment

Proper lighting is essential for Vastu-compliant interior decoration. Natural light should be maximized, and any broken or fused bulbs should be replaced promptly. The main entrance should always be well-lit. In the living room, floor and table lamps should have adequate shades to avoid glare. The kitchen should have uniform lighting and minimal shadows. The maximum number of light fixtures should be on the north or east walls for positive energy flow. Placing spotlights in the south zone can boost career prospects. To infuse style and positive energy, candles can be added in the south or southwest corner. Additionally, placing a spotlight over a family picture on the southwest wall is believed to bring good luck and promote family well-being.

Auro Realty, the best real estate company in Hyderabad, takes pride in having developed residential projects in HITEC City, like the Kohinoor and the Pearl, which are both Vastu-Compliant from entrance to kitchen positioning. We are proud to have developed both of our uber-luxe projects after much deliberation and conversations with the most reliable and experienced vastu-consultants. In hopes to give our residents a home that adheres to their believes.

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