Advantages of Owning a Lakeview Home

An average day goes on waking up to responsibility, complying with routine, making way through tough traffic, and chasing deadlines. A home is a solace and a safe place after the conquers of daily life. So why settle for an abode that fails to relieve the day out of your mind?
Metro cities only present a two-sided coin of “splurge-or-adjust”, where you can either spend a fortune to get a spacious home or budget and adjust to a cuboid.
Whereas, cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Ahmedabad have emerged in terms of greenfield projects that offer commodious apartments and low-density complexes with expansive acres.
Moreover, as of 2022, Hyderabad has topped the list of most housing sales in YoY among the top eight cities in India. Needless to say, the dynamic of house preferences has shifted towards cities that not only offer affordable homes but also privileges that one can only dream of!
Socialites boasting of Seaview in Mumbai can now be replicated in Hyderabad as the mighty Gopi Cheruvu offers serenity and positivity to cope with mundanities. Here are a few advantages of living in a lakeside apartment:

Personalised Space

Most lakeside projects are constructed at a location that has a low density in the placement of buildings. Simply put, lakefront projects are sparsely placed, which gives the essence of your very own personalised space. Amidst the demanding and congested spaces of the focal city, the lakeside projects are conveniently isolated.
Subsequently, you can also expect a larger carpet area than other projects that offer similar configurations.
Imagine waking up to calming waters that horizon your small world, reminding you that even in the daily routines of life, a moment of peace is all you need to carry on with the day.
Apart from an aesthetic, lakeside is also considered a form of luxury. Sipping away your running thoughts with a cup of tea from your balcony with this ethereal view is enough to energise you from within.

A Breath of Fresh Air

City life comes at an expense of polluted air, compromising health, and an unbearably hot climate. However, with a water body in proximity, it dispenses cool breezes toward your home. This lake breeze is formed as a result of local changes in wind that blows from water to land consequent to the temperature change between land and water– typically from a lake or an ocean.
Gopi Cheruvu is a prominent resource of cool climate for The Regent Project by Aurobindo, where fresh ventilation is dispensed throughout these 3 BHK flats in Serilingampally.
Besides, the residents can also relish with a stroll around the shore for utmost tranquillity. Rejuvenation and positive mental health are just the byproducts of living in such an environment.

A Stream of Passive Income

A Lakeview is also equated to the essence of vacation. As a result, many working professionals and families prefer to rent out apartments that are homely and present dynamic scenery. Such projects usually get steady rental returns for the homeowners.
Moreover, by optimising these vacation-type homes, people also prefer to Airbnb these 3 BHK flats in Serilingampally to get the best of Gopi Cheruvu. In short, side income can be generated due to the benefits of Lakeside.

Investment Yield

Speaking of income, lakeside apartments are valued higher due to the aforementioned factors. These apartments yield a higher CAGR than the average apartment.
Moreover, The Regent is designed in a way that integrates the benefits of the locale and optimises the space for a luxurious lifestyle. Aurobindo Realty, rendered as one of the best real estate company in Hyderabad, has created a custom environment of the countryside way of life amidst the city. Such a unique aesthetic is an important factor that enhances the estimated appreciation of such projects.

In Conclusion:

A lakeside home is a perfect canopy for a lifestyle that will imbibe a calmer, gentler, and more peaceful mindset for your family. Why run chasing pretentious milestones when you can thrive even with the simple pleasures of life!

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