How to assess the construction quality of your new home?

It’s essential for buyers to know that the quality of construction signifies whether the company they are buying into is actually the Best Real Estate Company in Hyderabad or not.
For home buyers interested in investing in an off-plan project, critical analysis of the construction quality of the project is of utmost importance. While investing in an under-construction property it is advised to make investments in a real estate company that has a proven track record of delivering excellence in order to live with a peaceful mind.

Knowing the difficulty of the task at hand, Aurobindo Realty is here to guide you in assessing the construction quality of your new home.

Start with Soil Investigation

Soil differs from place to place and region to region. The quality and soil type play a huge role when the foundation of the project is being laid. It’s the quality of the soil that determines whether the foundation will withstand the pressure of a high-rise building or not.

Specifically, two types of soil: Clay and Black Cotton soil, are recommended to be avoided always. This is because these soils tend to expand, shrink and swell depending upon the moisture content or water.

A mandatory soil test is conducted before the start of construction work. Ensure that you ask for a copy of the result beforehand.

Determine the structural integrity

For amateurs, it is a difficult task to decode the structural design or identify flaws in it. This is where experts should be raked in for an unbiased fact-based opinion on the proposed design of the project.

Assessing how the building structure will be able to withstand an earthquake and to what an extent is of paramount importance before investing in any project.

Double Check the Safety Measures

Developers are required to make a fool-proof plan for emergencies like fires, earthquakes, or emergency evacuations. You must check whether all these safety measures were taken by the developer and then recheck it.

The size of the stairwell should be big enough to accommodate two people running alongside. The fire exit signs should be properly put up and visible. The emergency hooters should be well audible from every corner and should go off instantly. These are the basic safety measures, in case the developers opt for more make sure to check them out too.

Quality and Type Check of Paint and Plaster Used

As a general rule of thumb, paint with lead should be avoided at all costs. But despite regulations lead in paint remains a concern. Question the brand and type of paint used for the construction to avoid possibly getting lead poisoning.

If the plaster of the outer wall has cracks or is uneven then it’s because of the quality of the construction and its foundation is not good.
Remember usage of good paint and plaster will enhance not only the aesthetic appeal but also add to the longevity of the walls and wooden spaces.

Elevator Check

Cases of elevators falling in a residential complex are not a new deal. What causes such a terrifying act is the inability of builders to get maintenance on time and the use of fake permissions to install the elevators. What you can do is to keep a dialogue flowing and remind the landlord that elevator maintenance should be carried out.

Ensure that the licenses are complete, the elevator to people building ratio is another factor that you should weigh before moving in. Three main elevators and a service lift are sufficient for one tower. But it all depends on the weight which an elevator can hold.

We hope that this article has helped you in deciding which 3 BHK luxury apartments in Hyderabad can you trust and what measures you can take to measure the quality of the project as well.

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