Amenities To Look For Your Employees Before Moving Into New Office Space

Prelude – Hyderabad has been a favorite destination for real estate developers both dealing in commercial and residential projects. Many new projects have started in full swing with many investors experiencing low risk and better ROI.

The Government of Telangana is actively backing up development of infrastructure in Hyderabad in various modern ways. CBRE South Asia report has stated that Hyderabad has grabbed peak destination for overall office space growth and in turn commercial projects demand driven by mostly IT and ITeS firm. Commercial properties in Hyderabad have achieved their peak record in office space leasing over Bengaluru.

According to modern trend, office has not become a boring cubicle anymore, more modern amenities should be added to work place to achieve more benefits like employee retaining for more years because of better infrastructure, enjoyable work ambiance, healthy perspective and many more.

Upcoming projects in Hyderabad will definitely be designed by keeping all these aspects in mind.

Here’s a list of top amenities to look for before changing office spaces

Spacious Meeting rooms

  • It is very un-productive to discuss important topics or sprints in the cubicle.
  • Wok place providing designated and spacious meeting rooms can help employees in day to day interactions.

Conference room – Core of workplace

  • Conference is a place where deals get finalised, stormy discussions happen, and much more. 
  • Well designed and functional conference room help in making better decisions.

Nap Pods

  • “A Nap can speed up cognitive processing, decrease errors, and increase stamina”.
  • Strong scientific researches also suggest a midday power nap to increase productivity and help to reset your brain.
  • So workplaces embedding nap rooms will help employees to do better at their tasks

Work out destination

  • Many companies have long working hours, so employees do not get time to work on their fitness. So, if workplace itself is embedded with Gym with professional gym equipment it is good for both management and staff to live a more healthy life
  • Ongoing commercial projects in Hyderabad are focusing on this aspect to make their projects more attractive to potential buyers

Spa and Massage centers

  • Not only luxurious residential projects can have SPA and massage centers as amenities but a workplace can too.
  • Employees are putting in their everything while at the job and sometimes are in tremendous pressure as well to refrain from escalations, achieving deadlines, targets.
  • Spa and massage centers help reduce this pressure and rejuvenate the mental and physical ability to sustain in a challenging environment.
  • New construction projects in Hyderabad should incorporate these new amenities to attract many top- level investors.

Crèche Facilities

  • There is nothing impossible for the modern women. Rather many studies show that women are far better than men in many areas of work.
  • But when a baby is concerned, priorities get changed. Now a days, many companies are providing day care or crèche facility so that the new mommies can concentrate on work in better way while also being able to take care of the child.

Upcoming commercial projects in Hyderabad in 2020 will definitely have more preference over the traditional one which is designed by keeping all these GEN-Z needs.

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