COVID Safety Precautions to be Taken in Gated Communities


Pandemics, such as the Coronavirus, call for readiness, not panic. Housing firms have a critical part to play at such a point in time. Housing companies and apartment complexes are implementing regulations to ensure that every family is protected. Not only government and medical authorities, but also housing firms demand that stringent steps should be taken.

Being a heavily populated city, Hyderabad can be a challenging place to stay safe without experiencing several risks during the lockdown. However, if you are looking for residential projects in Hyderabad or if you live in a gated community apartment in Hyderabad, you’re in a much better location, because it’s easier to obey and implement the requisite measures straight away for the entire residential project. Here’s a guide and a few safety at home tips to help you overcome these turbulent times.

Specific Preventive Measures For A Residential Gated Community

1. Regulations must be made for the display of posters/standees/AV media on precautionary action for COVID-19, common signs and symptoms, the need for early identification and disinfection of premises, etc. particularly outside and within the gated compound.

2. Hand sanitation requirements (sanitizer dispenser) should be made accessible at entry points and in the workplace.

3. Thermal inspection of visitors/staff must be carried out at the entry and exit points.

4. Physical distance of at least 6 feet to be observed as far as possible at all places at all times in all common spaces, including parks, halls, elevator lobby, gyms, bars, etc.

5. Wide gatherings, parties, events, prayer meetings, etc. shall be discouraged.

6. The number of people in the elevators shall be reduced and the social distance requirements shall be properly maintained.

7. Regular sanitization of common areas and all points of human touch, e.g., door handles, benches, elevator buttons, electrical switches, railings, etc., shall be disinfected.

8. RWAs would advise all residents to alert them if any signs indicative of COVID-19 is recorded by the resident.

Personal & Home Safety Tips for Residents:

• Keep an alcohol sanitizer with you at all times and spray any common areas before you are in contact with any of them. If you have to move out of your house, make sure you clean yourself properly and change your clothes right away.
• Urge children for indoor sports, limit them to play outside the property if necessary, and this is especially important for families of elderly and immune-compromised family members.
• Although the residential gated community is now a protected zone, it only allows residents to obey each and every precautionary measure. In addition to taking all social distance and sanitation steps, it is necessary to avoid any social interactions and gathering within the neighbourhood.

While all of the aforementioned measures can cause slight disruptions to a few aspects of a gated community life, these preventative measures are needed for such an hour to come. It is the duty of all homeowners and gated community management to uphold and abide by the above rules for the better benefit of the gated community. Aurobindo Kohinoor is a residential project in Hitech City that is a gated community that takes care of the neighbourhood by implementing strict regulations. If you are in search of 3 BHK Flats in Hyderabad, you should definitely check out Kohinoor by Aurobindo.

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