Checklist For Reopening Office After COVID 19

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The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the way we do business: cashless transactions, social distance in public and working (or staying) at home are just some of the ways we, as people, have helped to flatten the curve. Also, in an attempt to minimise the transmission rate, companies have switched to a remote work model—or have temporarily scaled back or shut down operations. Your office space in Hitech City may have set down some rules to minimise the spread of Covid 19.

Currently, with less and less cases of COVID-19 recorded daily; state governments have just issued new workplace guidelines to help revive the economy. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, shops, restaurants, and offices are slowly beginning to reopen and resume business as normal. The risk of transmission of the disease persists, however, significantly. It is necessary to take proactive steps to ensure the protection of your customers and employees while increasing trust in your brand. Here is a Covid 19 checklist for office spaces which you must go through and follow to ensure your workplace and businesses are least affected.

Covid 19 Checklist For Office Workplace

1. Reduce Sharing & Minimise Common Usage

Office equipment and tools, such as printers, are normally shared products in the office. Since COVID-19 can stay on the surface for hours after contact, it is important to reduce the exchange of items as much as possible.

Assign to each employee their own necessary stationery pieces. This can lead you to spend in extra office supplies such as printer toners, pens, and markers. You can reduce the burden on your office budget by choosing for reduced or reusable products.

2. Redesign Your Office Floor Plans

COVID-19 plans can mean the end of an open office layout. Although open-plan offices can encourage collaborative work, these arrangements are risky in the post-COVID world. Densely filled desks create a challenging atmosphere for social distancing.

Most office workers continue to operate from home. Staff members who have to go back to work will remain healthy in office layouts with well-spaced desks and partitions to keep people apart. You may also place desks facing walls or reimagine shared spaces that should no longer be used to fit workspaces.

3. Update Your Employee Working Hours

Modifying your layout may indicate that you cannot fit the same number of employees in your office as you once did. You will help your staff by establishing a revolving schedule of flexible working hours. This form of scheduling should guarantee that everybody can work from the workplace at any stage of the week.

For example, you might split the workers into teams, with one team working from the office on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, while the other team is working on Tuesday and Thursday. On days when workers are not in the workplace, they will work from home.

4. Set Strict Mask-Wearing Rules

Face masks can limit the risk of COVID-19 by eliminating saliva droplet spray while talking, sneezing, or coughing. Although it may not prevent you from having the disease, it may shield you if you are asymptomatic. Masks can, however, be constraining in some conditions and can alienate workers or customers.

Various states and organisations have their own mask-use rules. Check online to find out where each state stands on re-opening. Some regions are subject to tougher regulations than others.

If you have a commercial office space in Hyderabad, then it is important to implement new methods to navigate the office. It is important to minimize the risk of a coronavirus resurgence. As soon as you update your employee handbook to reflect your new set of rules, ensure employees consistently comply for a healthier, safer workplace. Also, if you are looking for an office space for lease in Hitech City then you must definitely check out Galaxy by Aurobindo Realty.

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