Benefits of Buying Own Home Over Renting

While purchasing a property is usually the ambition of every Indian, rapidly rising real estate prices, particularly in metros, have led consumers to switch to rent rather than purchase. However, the choice between Renting Vs Buying is still a difficult one for people who can afford to buy a house. In the Indian sense, it is noted that people who can afford to buy a house are likely to place more weight on buying a house, and renting is often a compromise.

It is often a tough decision to make – whether to continue renting a house or buying one. It is also evident that, given the high cost of buying a house, most young people start their lives by renting an apartment. People usually save money as they grow in their jobs and purchase their own houses. This is the general trend that you see. Currently, residential projects in Hyderabad are seeing a huge surge of first-time home buyers.

Benefits of Buying Vs Renting A Home

#1. Your House Is Truly Your Home

If you’ve ever rented a house, you know from experience the limitations that come with renting your home. When you rent, you’re restricted in the choices you have to upgrade your room, display your personal style, or perhaps even feel like you’ve actually made your house a home.

However, when you purchase a home, you have the flexibility to set it up yourself. Decorate the rooms in any colour you want, turn the bathroom into your private haven, make your home your canvas, and the sky’s the limit. And the bonus is – the improvements you make to your home can help boost the value of the home.

#2. Your Home Rises in Value Over Time

iIn most situations, whenever you purchase a home, you’re buying an asset that’s likely to increase in value over time. This is not only a good way to build a solid financial base, but it also helps you to optimize the cash you’ve saved.

Of course, your home appreciation will depend on a range of variables, which include local market conditions, how often you stay at home, any improvements you make, and more. If you are looking for flats in Hyderabad, and especially in and around Hitech City you must not be worried about rising property values as you are located in the most strategic locations.

#3. Your Home has Tax Benefits

In response to the appreciation of your house, you can also enjoy some tax advantages as a homeowner. For instance, homeowners are allowed to deduct their mortgage interest and real estate taxes on a yearly basis. This can start to add up and contribute to substantial tax savings.

If you are scouting for projects in Hyderabad and want to buy your very own home then you should definitely check out Kohinoor By Aurobindo Realty in Hitech City, Hyderabad. The lavish 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments are straight out of your dreams and they certainly will fit under your budget. These 7 skyscraping towers are the tallest in Hyderabad and they come with a whole host of amenities and unlimited lavishness.

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