Things Need To Consider When Leasing Office Space

leasing office space

According to a recent survey, by 2020 millennials will make up 64 percent of the workforce in India. In order for companies to expand, it is crucial that today’s workspaces provide an ideal atmosphere for these millennial employees and their needs. This is particularly true of large corporations seeking to recruit and retain top talent as well as to promote a positive culture.

Leasing your first office space can be an interesting turning point for your company. But it would be a risk to select just any workplace. You need to make sure your office is one that will help your team and encourage you to develop and prosper. Although leasing usually operates like renting a house, there are a range of important factors to consider in order to ensure that the lease is good for your company and meets your budgetary needs.

Points To Consider When Renting An Office Space

#1. Choose a Space That Fits Your Team

You’ll need to have enough space for the teammates to have a desk or a place to sit down. But you don’t want anything so huge that you pay for all the rooms you never use. However, a little extra room can be a good thing, particularly if you’re planning to expand within the duration of your contract. Even a few extra cubic spaces or a place to install a few desks can be beneficial.

#2. Choose a Location Near Your Team

If it is completely necessary for you to have a designated office room, then the place is probably the most important factor when you rent your first office space. Or if you don’t have a squad yet, pick an office that’s close enough to a place that’s full of potential talent. You still need to keep the client in mind when selecting a venue.

#3. Make Sure the Lease is Clear

Only understanding what’s included is one thing whenever you rent your first office room. You will need to make sure that all of these conditions are clearly specified in the contract. You don’t always want to take your landlord’s word that certain utilities are included just to be paid for them later, since that wasn’t officially mentioned in your contract. The duration of your contract could be another significant factor in your willingness to rent your first office space. You do not want to get attached to a very long-term commitment for your first office.

#4. Consider Parking and Bike Storage

Parking is yet another significant aspect that could be missed when you rent your first office room. You have to ensure there are enough parking spaces around so that your staff can actually get to work on time without too much trouble. A safe car park or a designated area is a bonus.

#5. Know Exactly in What Condition You’ll Receive the Space

Some of the offices may not always come as advertised. And some of them could involve a little work until you actually move your stuff in. If you want to understand specifically what room is going to look like if you actually plan to rent it you’ve got to ask those questions.

Although the needs for most entrepreneurs and companies are different, the above considerations serve as a good guide to get back to when searching for a lease or rental office space. Renting an office space property is not only an investment in time and resources, but it will help to define the business and its working culture, and it will be very difficult to adjust later.

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