How Can Housing Societies Help Fight Coronavirus?

Coronavirus keeps making national headlines on a daily basis due to its rapid spread. While corporations and academic facilities have figured out how to combine everything from the luxury of one’s own home, housing societies are still cautiously trying to find their footing. Apartment buildings, gated communities, and housing complexes are all working hard to maintain social distance. However, different people living in one community are likely to have divergent viewpoints, which could lead to a deadlock.

To gain a strong grasp of the situation, a set of rules and regulations must be established that all members of the housing society must adhere to. So, checkout these housing society rules during lockdown and take a few notes from these points.

Common Covid Rules for Apartments Building To Follow!

#1. Rules to be followed by family members of a person infected by Covid-19

If a family member tests positive for COVID-19, it is critical that all other family members follow suit and isolate themselves for 14 days, even if no symptoms occur. If you notice any symptoms, get yourself tested right away. The idea is to have as little interaction as possible, but this is not always possible, especially if you live with your family. If the infected person needs assistance, just one family member should do it.

#2. Rules for others in the housing society

First and foremost, there is no need to be concerned. There are fewer risks of infection if you maintain a social distance. Do not meet or interact with somebody who has recently returned from a corona-affected zone. If you have come into touch and are experiencing particular symptoms, isolate yourself until you feel better, and the test results are negative. To keep a safe distance from other people, avoid meetings and congregations.

#3. Tips to use common utilities to prevent Covid-19

If your apartment or building has a lift, limit how often you use it. If this isn’t possible, make sure to use a sanitizer as soon as possible. Playgrounds featuring swings and slides should be temporarily closed so that youngsters at home are not enticed to utilize them. Indoor sports facilities, gyms, and public yoga or meditation rooms must not be visited at this time. Even if it is inside your society, avoid going to clubhouses. As much as possible, avoid using public taps, washrooms, or restrooms.

#4. Request the elderly to stay at home

You may wish to avoid visiting others at this time because not just you, but other families might just want to take a social break as well. Officials have stated that social separation is necessary at this time, and it is in everyone’s best interest for families in your housing/apartment complex to follow this public health warning for the time being. If you have an elderly relative who is accustomed to morning and evening walks, find ways for them to exercise at home so that they have less contact with strangers.

#5. Educate the security guards and kids

Your young child’s daily evening playtime should be closely watched. Teach your children the necessity of sanitization and masking up. The society can also train and educate security guards to be on the lookout for anyone who isn’t wearing a mask.

#6. Rules for your grocery vendor, delivery boys, etc. to follow

Your domestic assistance, supermarket seller, newspaper vendor, delivery boys, and so on all need to be trained on the necessity of personal cleanliness. One part-time domestic helper may work in three to four houses in large apartment complexes. Even if you have maintained personal hygiene, there is a strong possibility that your domestic assistance will get the infection from another family if the other family has not been as cautious as you.

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