How to Check the Quality of Construction?

When various real estate developers compete in the market to offer a large number of residential units at attractive prices, it is critical for the buyer to guarantee that the structure is of high quality. If you are a homeowner considering an under-construction property, evaluating and assessing the project’s construction quality should be a top priority. When purchasing such a home, it is a good idea to pay a surprise visit to the building site to make a construction quality check.

#1. Quality Check of Concrete Mixes

The weight that a building can carry is determined by the strength of the concrete. Normally, developers check the quality and strength of the concrete, but it can be hard to prepare the mix and examine the concrete on a regular basis. It is always preferable to use ready-mix concrete as an option in such instances.

#2. Structural Design

Another important factor to consider while assessing a property is the building’s basic structural architecture. The sturdiness and strength of a building are determined by the structure, which comprises the wall, beams, columns, and roof. The structure should be designed in such a way that it provides maximum safety and durability. Examine whether the structure is built to withstand tremors of a given magnitude as well as other frequent natural calamities.

#3. Inspection of Wall Thickness

The thickness or width of the home walls must meet the dimensions listed in the legal documentation for your property. With the advice of a qualified architect, go to the building site and personally examine the walls. You can also knock your knuckles to tap against the wall to see if it is solid or hollow within. If the walls are not solid and rigid, they will end up with a hole or split.

#4. Fittings & Fixtures

Kitchen and bathroom accessories, such as faucets and shower heads, should be in good functioning order. In addition, the bathroom floor must be level. Tiles used in the bathroom and kitchen are an excellent indicator of overall building quality. When opening, doors must not generate a creaking sound. Buyers should also pay attention to door handles, electrical fixtures, and window bolts.

#5. Paint & Plastering Quality

Examine the plastering on the exterior walls. Irregular fractures in the wall plaster indicate that the base or building construction quality is poor. Similarly, using high-quality paint on the walls improves the visual attractiveness as well as the durability of the walls.

#6. Safety Features

Examine the developer’s safety precautions, such as seismic resistance, emergency evacuation, and fire escape. Examine the staircase’s size and space. In the event of an emergency, it ought to be wide enough for two persons to sprint alongside it.

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