How to Make A Trendy Balcony Kitchen Garden?

balcony kitchen garden

Where there is a will, you will always find a way! The meaning of this age-old adage can be simply established in the current sense. In an age of ever-expanding cities and diminishing green cover, we are working extremely hard to save and maintain green space in the midst of the concrete jungle. Since Hyderabad has become a hustling IT city, the city’s fast-paced people have discovered gardening as a relaxing new hobby, and their balconies have become their canvas.

The benefit of kitchen garden trends is that you can grow flowers, fruits, or vegetables directly on the building’s terraces, balconies, or roofs. Take a look and get some balcony garden ideas for your 2, 3 or 4 BHK flats in Hyderabad Hitech City.

Finding Right Place

To begin, choose the best location in your kitchen for the garden. This is crucial for two main reasons. First and foremost, the location of the garden will be dictated by the availability of sunlight. A greenhouse, as you are aware, needs adequate amounts of sunlight to thrive in a healthy manner. You should preferably check out a kitchen corner that gets direct sunlight for a few hours per day. The second thing to remember is the visual appeal. Your garden should not look out of place with your backyard.

Evaluating the Sunlight

Until you buy something to start gardening, figure out how many hours of sunlight your balcony gets every day. Take note of indirect light as well, i.e., no trees or walls covering significant sections of the sky. If there is enough indirect light, even a north-facing deck can be a healthy environment for many plants.

Designing the Layout

Take care about how you plan your crops. Many flats in Hyderabad have large balconies. The trick to getting a good yield from each bed is to space them out well. Planting veggies in rows or square patterns is popular, but you can try planting them in a triangular pattern. This allows you to tuck up to 15% more plants into each room. Be sure not to clutter them in your planting beds.

Choosing Plants & Pots

Next, you’ll need to find suitable containers in which to expand your kitchen garden. You could use earthen pots, which are commonly available at nurseries. However, to give your kitchen garden a distinct appearance, consider these current kitchen garden trends and begin growing the plants in old kitchen containers such as plastic bottles or metal jars and drilling some drainage holes.

Pick your plants carefully. Take small steps and begin with something you’re already familiar with. Start with veggies that grow quickly and don’t take much effort, such as coriander, fenugreek, gram, chilli, capsicum, spinach, and so on. If you’ve gained confidence, you can grow anything, including your favourite fruits and vegetables.

Picking the Right Soil

The soil provides nutrients to the plants, so you must be very careful when obtaining it. Your kitchen garden will not flourish unless you have the correct soil. Preferably, get the soil from a nursery near your Hitech City home. If you have high quality soil from your outdoor garden, you could also use it. Only make certain that it is suitable for planting a kitchen garden in.

The best thing about these balcony garden ideas is that you can lounge in the lap of nature anytime you want. Aside from the health and environmental benefits, it also has an aesthetic value. It can also reduce the temperature in your home by 6-8 degrees. With average temperatures soaring in the summers of Hyderabad, one can probably begin seeing so many home gardens in many balconies of flats in Hyderabad.

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