Importance of Well-Developed Residential Areas

Why well developed residential areas are important in improving the quality of life

Despite the fact that the environment has a great impact on the happiness and well-being of individuals, urban real estate players have not taken many actions to shape the environment into residential properties where people can live comfortably and enjoy the highest possible quality of life. We must accept the fact that inefficient and inadequate planning and design have plagued residential areas for many years and have hindered life from being as pleasant and enjoyable as it can and should be. Just as culture and society are never stagnant, the field of public administration should be constantly changing in order to maintain its effectiveness. 

In order to reverse the trend of unsuccessful planning and eliminate problems such as sprawling metropolises, reputed residential builders in Hyderabad should reform our practice by incorporating methods and concepts from social sciences such as psychology, behavioural ecology and sociology in order to structure community environments to best suit their residents. In addition, professionals should work with community members in order to serve the area based on the social, economic, political, religious and other cultural desires and concerns of residents.  Through reforming the practice of urban planning and design, we can create community-friendly residential areas so that we can enjoy a higher quality of life. 

Citizen participation and influence on planning decisions must be central to the improvement of the quality of life in residential areas. If planners and designers do not know and understand the needs and aspirations of the people who live in the targeted community, then they cannot appropriately plan for the betterment of that community. In order to improve the quality of life of any neighbourhood, both professionals and community members must work hand in hand to ensure that the necessary and appropriate actions are taken. 

In planning for the highest possible quality of life, reputed builders in Hyderabad must ensure that residents have access to various resources that are essential to life in our country.  Without accessibility to businesses and institutions such as hospitals, libraries, schools, parks, religious organizations, retail and grocery stores, residents cannot enjoy the conveniences that are characteristic of high quality of life nor can they fully participate in our democratic society.  For this reason, many planners support an increase in mixed-use communities in which many commercial and social establishments are within walking distance from residences.

For this reason, many properties in Hyderabad support an increase in mixed-use communities in which many commercial and social establishments are within walking distance from residences. If we construct public transit systems, such as a light rail or subway, within walking distance of residences, traffic will be reduced and the social ties to the outside social world will be strengthened. This increased emphasis on walkability will also encourage more interaction among the citizens because neighbours are more likely to encounter each other as they move through the community. On that same note, planners and residents should also work together to take specific actions aimed at strengthening the social ties within communities. In doing so, we can create pleasant neighbourhoods with a higher quality of life in upcoming residential projects in Hyderabad.

The forging of a stronger sense of community can also result in a safer, more secure neighbourhood. Safety is a very important factor when measuring the quality of life in any area, and residents tend to feel safer when they are surrounded by people they know and with whom they are acquainted. Many neighbourhood watch programs and similar programs, however, have been successful in reducing levels of fear and thus improving the quality of life in communities without putting the civilian volunteers in danger. These programs exemplify means by which community members can actively work to increase the habitability of their neighbourhoods. 

While taking into consideration the societal changes that are taking place, we as planners and developers must understand that creating livable communities that allow for the highest possible quality of life is a very complex task. When shaping residential properties in Hyderabad, professionals must consider issues beyond the realm of one-dimensional urban design and planning. We must explore the effects of design, architecture, physical surroundings and social environment on humans in order to understand how to structure healthy neighbourhoods. We must actively seek to change our practice for the betterment of individuals and, in turn, of society as a whole.

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