What is Suburb & Urban Living

Suburb vs. Urban Living  

One of the biggest dilemmas that people face when choosing a home to buy is whether they want to live in a city or in a suburb. Age is one of the biggest deciding factors in this dilemma. Urban areas are popular because of their proximity to transport, quality education and business prospects. Suburbs are areas that surround the city and have less pollution and traffic and are more affordable residential areas. However, the disadvantage of living in the suburbs is the limited access to quality education and business prospects which means a lower standard of living. 

Urban areas have a wide range of options for residential properties and in terms of investment in real estate, they have a higher potential return in the form of rent. Some urban areas offer a solution to this dilemma as they offer living standards that provide the best of urban and suburban living. Depending on the city, you can find relatively more affordable residential properties that provide the same amenities and standards of living as other more expansive cities. For example, Aurobindo Realty has upcoming residential projects in Hyderabad that offer luxurious living spaces, high security and amenities. 

They are one of the most reputed builders in Hyderabad which guarantees that it is a safe and reliable place to consider buying a home. Its proximity to the city centre allows you to experience urban living while being a part of a smaller community within it. 

This offers a solution to the dilemma by providing home buyers with the best of both worlds. Moreover, Hyderabad is one of the best Indian cities to live in with low crime rates, access to a great education, low pollution levels and great job prospects. 

Properties in Hyderabad are cheaper than they are in other cities in India such as Mumbai, which is a factor that attracts homebuyers in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a fast-emerging, leading residential hub due to major tech giants setting up an office in the city. Furthermore, the Government policies here are in favour of homebuyers. Affordable housing, RERA, GST and developing infrastructures such as the laying of CC roads and flyovers make it an even more attractive place to live. The disadvantages of urban living can be avoided if you choose the correct home. For example, pollution in Hyderabad is low and traffic is better than in other cities. 

The connectivity of roads makes it easy to get from one place to another and affordable housing and RERA protects homebuyers. Aurobindo Realty believes in sustainability and is surrounded by nature, which assures homebuyers here that they have the option to live in a city and be surrounded by nature and a hygienic and healthy environment. 

Overall, the decision to buy a home in a suburb versus a city or urban area depends largely on personal preferences. However, if one researches enough they will be able to find the perfect residential property that offers them a balanced life between a busy and more accessible city life and a slower-paced, less congested suburb life.

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