Interior Designing Trends To Watch Out For in 2020

 Nature and wellness inspired Décor

In 2019 we’ve seen several interior decorating trends, but the one that seems to stand out the most is the increasing interest of home owners in creating a eco-friendly and sustainable decor. Re-cycled benches have even made its way to train and bus stations around the country. As a result, many eco-friendly options are being used in interiors and these demands are predicted to increase this year. Indoor plants will be favoured for their air purifying qualities and calming effect. Herb, vegetable gardens and vertical gardens, will be used to create soothing aesthetic appeals. 

Keeping with the eco-friendly trend, energy saving LED lights are to become a staple in every home. Awareness of usage of recycled materials, will increase in 2020. Incorporate soft, sustainable furnishings such as marble, suede and cotton. Natural prints like that of leaves are a popular option for draping and curtains, they liven up a room and bring a refreshing splash of colour.

Less is more!

Another trend that is popular among newer home owners is Minimalism. Cost effective and high-impact, Scandinavian style interiors are a cult favourite among interior designers for smaller apartments and office spaces. The idea that one’s home is a sanctuary leads to people wanting more open space and conscious design. We will also see a trend towards open floor plans where rooms in smaller apartments will be combined so the space appears larger. Biophilia is another popular trend expected in the year 2020, it incorporates manmade design like concrete and glass with natural elements like wood, in a way that does not seem mass-produced. New modern, luxury homes are all about open spaces and sleek design. Get this look by taking away intricately designed wall décor and table settings, instead include simple yet impactful centre pieces and light colours. 

Hints Of Metallic Shine

Circular wall mirrors are a great way to brighten up a room as well as making it look bigger. Mirrors with thick silver or gold frames add a touch of luxury to any room. Wallpaper with symmetrical patterns are great at creating symmetry and structure which are perfect for people who want to stick to minimalism. Experiment with the use of metals such as silver, gold, tin and copper inlays on walls. Add natural materials like marble and wood to add a contemporary feel.

Impact of technology on home décor 

The impact of technology on interior design is likely to increase with the adoption of smart home devices like a central lighting and security system. User experience will be enhanced with the use of various design tools and users will be able to get a 3D look at what their home would look like. This will also give home owners enough of  freedom to browse through various designs and layouts with the interior designers. Seamless designs that serve multiple purposes, will be in demand. Incorporate, space-saving furniture designs with simple, trendy and playful outlines and neutral colours. Also straight-line concepts especially for sofas and couches and the use of more cotton and velvet as fabric. Wooden furnishings with glass and metallic accents will rise in popularity.

A bright 2020

This year we’ve seen the rise in demand for multi-colour LED lights where the user can choose the hue and even brightness of the interior lights. Designs will revolve around moods, settings and the surrounding area, creating an ambiance that can be adjusted according to the home owner’s needs. In the year 2020, lighting is expected to move towards wireless control from mobile devices and tablets. To compliment this trend we will also see a lot of geometric designs and bold shapes. Add refurbished vintage lighting like lamps and wall hangings to your living spaces for more character and depth.

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