Smart Hacks to Save Spaces in Your Home

If you’re looking to make the most of your living space in a 3 BHK luxury apartment in Hyderabad, you’re in luck! Our smart space-saving ideas for uber-luxe homes can help you create more room without sacrificing comfort or style. Regardless of where you choose to live, be it in one of the many residential projects in HITEC city or any other part of the country, here are some possible space-saving hacks which you can utilize to optimize your living space.

  1. Make your entrance, Grand

A home’s entrance welcomes visitors, so it should always be a usable, free-flowing, functional space that allows quick maneuvering ability. You can put dedicate the entrance to be a seating area for shoes by putting down a bench. Alternatively, you can opt for wall-mounted hooks and open knick-knack shelving if your entrance doesn’t permit a bench. To give an illusion of a bigger house, you can opt to put a large mirror on the wall that mimics the lighting of a much larger area. It’s a convenient way of providing functionality if there’s no space restraint.
Remember, a well-managed or an uninviting entrance can both give your guests a long-lasting impression. It’s you who decides which one they start your home tour with.

  1. Introduce convenience to your cooking space–

The soul of every house resides in the kitchen. It is also the busiest home space since the entire family frequents it multiple times throughout the day. If not designed with the family’s needs in mind, the space can most likely become a mess. Ergo, it should be practically organized and accommodating.
Consider using drawer organizers for dry goods and food containers to maximize your pantry space. You can also opt for hidden shelves and pullouts to minimize the usage of visible space. Opting for a tabletop that subs as a dining table will save you the need for a different dining room altogether. Or else opt for an extendable dining table that accommodates several people but can be folded away when not in use.
Vertical storage shelving will also give your pots and pans a destination. You can free up the space underneath your counter using the wall hooks to keep your smaller-sized cookware organized and accessible while simultaneously freeing up the cabinets for the groceries.

  1. Improve Storage in the Bathroom –

The bathroom can be a nifty space that unlocks extra storage for you if your other rooms run out of space. Use open shelving and baskets under the sink, and consider adding a cabinet to the wall that can be used for multiple things like makeup, medicines, toiletries, etc. You can also opt for a shoe organiser, that can also double down as the designated space for accessories such as combs & brushes, belts, wallets, and scarves. If you start viewing your bathroom as an untapped multifunctional space, the doors to having more space around the house will start to unlock.

  1. Have more “Room” in public rooms –

Your living room is the most used in your home, and how can it not be? a
It’s where the family watches the TV, your friends hang out here, and the kids spend most of their time bunking on the sofa.
So, it’s only logical that it be made more aesthetic and comfortable. Consider adding multi-functional furniture like ottomans and coffee tables with drawers and open shelving to maximize space..

  1. Liven Up The Children’s Rooms –

Your children’s rooms should reflect their personalities and accommodate both play and study. Consider adding bulletin boards, art wire, and other organizational accessories to keep desks and surrounding spaces free of clutter. Bunk beds can also help maximize the space. All you need to take care of is the safe installation and proper placement of the beds. Make sure to tighten and check the bolts, screws, nooks, and corners, and to place comfy mattresses on them.

  1. Maximize Space in Your Bedroom –

Your bedroom should be a relaxing retreat, so keeping it organized and clutter-free is important. Invest in wall closets and under-bed storage containers, and use closet organizers to separate your clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. Usage of calming and soothing colors like blue and white can help create a relaxing environment.

  1. Vertical Storage Solutions –

Vertical storage solutions can come in various forms, such as shelving units, multi-tier racks, or high-density mobile shelving systems. These systems are designed to allow easy access to stored items while utilizing unused vertical space. The use of vertical storage solutions can not only increase storage capacity but also improve organization and efficiency, as items can be easily located and retrieved. In addition, vertical storage can also increase safety, because items are stored off the floor and away from potential hazards. Overall, vertical storage solutions offer a practical and cost-effective way to optimize space utilization and make the most of available storage space.

  1. Optimize Your Laundry Storage –

The laundry room is often overlooked, but optimizing your storage here can be a lifesaver. Consider adding counter space for folding, shelves or cabinets for detergents, and a hanging area for drying, ironing, and more. You can also store extra towels and bedsheets here to free up space in your bedroom closets.

  1. Keep Your Garage Organized –

Your garage is not just for storing things you don’t want to see. By purging redundant furniture and broken appliances, you can create more space. Consider adding overhead ceiling racks for luggage, leisure equipment, and seasonal decorations.

In short, creating a comfortable and spacious living area in any size of an apartment is achievable. All it takes is some creativity and strategic planning. With the help of the points mentioned above, we know you’ll be able to maximize your living space and take merit in your organizational skills as you convert your moderately sized apartment into a chic-looking luxurious home.

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