Tips for Safely Reopening Apartment Amenities

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Just when it seemed like the curve had flattened and Coronavirus cases were on the decline, a set of curfews enforced by several states in different parts of the country as of April 2021 just goes to show that now is not the opportunity to be reckless about your own and your family’s safety.

In March, most residential properties closed their accommodation spaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fitness centres, beaches, resident lounges, saunas, rooftops, and other amenities were included. Residents, particularly those in expensive luxury apartments who choose these buildings and pay high rent because of the amenities, have been greatly inconvenienced.

Many building owners are reopening amenities, but the question is how to do so securely. Here are a few Covid safety tips that will aid in the reopening of the facilities while also improving sanitation.

Disinfect the Common Areas Regularly

The first line of defence should be to keep all public places clean and germ-free. You can also employ an outside company to clean and sanitize the apartment on a regular basis. Viruses can flourish in places like exercise equipment, pools, sofas, tables, showers, and games areas. As a result, all of these areas should be sanitized on a regular basis to ensure the residents’ protection.

Install Sanitizer Dispensers

Since the epidemic began, hand sanitizers and hand washes have become essential items in our lives. Since shared facilities can harbour a high number of illness causing agents, the likelihood of being infected are higher in these areas. Sanitizers must be placed in every entry / exit point in the building, in addition to disinfecting the common areas. Encourage both residents and tourists to use hand sanitizer on a regular basis.

Switch to Digital Payments

When it comes to shopping, paying rent, or paying monthly maintenance fees, the bulk of citizens now choose to use a digital payment method. As a result, every neighbourhood should follow digital practices to encourage the use of contactless payments. Cash exchange and checks put you at risk for a variety of infections.

Enhanced Security Measures

Due to the increased risk of spread of disease, strict security precautions in apartments are needed. It’s important to keep track of who enters and exits your complex. Security staff should be trained to use a heat scanner, and visitors should be required to show their name, address, and phone number. Many smartphone apps are available to assist you in managing the security activities in your building. Residents may also use them to stay informed about visitors and read important announcements.

Encourage Social Distancing

Despite the fact that new apartment communities are springing up, leasing workers may still be operating from home or prospective tenants may be wary of face-to-face interactions. Although in-person apartment tours have begun to make a comeback, it’s not uncommon for future residents to choose to take a video tour on their own or by video call.

We’ve all seen the agony of being cooped up indoors with no social life. It is not possible for buildings to keep the facilities closed in such a situation. Many apartments and flats in Hyderabad are gradually implementing successful covid safety protocols. We hope that these pointers will assist you in protecting your tenants and making their lives simpler. If you are having any investment ideas and want to make a purchase decision, you can consider Kohinoor by Aurobindo Realty in Hitech City.

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