Top Architectural Trends in 2020


The architectural trends for 2020 have one mission in common: the commitment to sustainable development & architecture. The people in India are generally evolving towards architectural trends that help sustain the valuable natural resources of earth.

The use of reusable/recyclable materials, buildings that are self-sufficient and installations of all kinds that respect the planet are becoming more frequent. But there are more trends in architecture that are mentioned below: –

Industrial Styling – It is characterized by the combination of wood, iron, aluminum and even recycled plastic, which means a drastic reduction in construction costs which result in beautiful and classy designs. Simple lines and absence of surface elements are also characteristic of the industrial style. 

Smart Homes & Automation Homes – It is an upward trend, both for new buildings and for rehabilitated buildings. Automated systems are increasingly in demand as we can easily control the temperature, light or security of homes with the help of artificial intelligence devices like Google Assistant, Alexa by Amazon etc.

A smart building offers its residents greater comfort and reduces consumption bills. Domestic architecture is a reflection of social awareness for the care of the environment and the need to consume power supply in a nature-friendly manner.

Making Use of Open Spaces Correctly – Nowadays users tend to opt for larger open spaces within their homes to beautify its overall space capacity. Making use of building materials that serve as a connection between the rooms and decorate the entire room in a consistent way, to gain space and light.

The integration of the kitchen and the living room is the most common in the floors with a few meters. In the market there are folding and retractable furniture that will help you in these cases so that you can pass from one room to another naturally and with ease.

Minimalistic Designing in Architectural HomesThe trend towards minimalism in architecture translates into a commitment to simple forms using modern & eco-friendly materials that last longer than generally used materials. It has been made a necessity to use quality materials to ensure thermal and aesthetic insulation that will result in economic savings and an environmental benefit in the long run.

Noise Cancellation Techniques – Noise is a pollutant to which we are exposed inside and outside our homes on a daily basis. That is why more and more architectural projects are carried out with this annoyance in mind, using materials that minimize noise drastically inside the buildings, generally coming from outside traffic or construction work.

Intricate Detailing of Floors & Walls – These decorative elements acquire a greater prominence in the architectural trends of 2020. The coverings with quality tiles that imitate different materials and modern designs are imposed by their functionality.

Focusing on Kitchen & Bathroom Spaces – The kitchen has traditionally been the lividest location in the house. In it we prepare food and, on many occasions, the family gathers to eat. But it is also the favorite place for children to play or for the guests to have a lowkey party. 

On the other hand, the bathroom is no longer, solely, the space dedicated to personal care. Now this space is understood as the place to relax after a hard day’s work. Where one can disconnect from the outside to reconnect with themselves during a shower that will release your tensions. 

Simplicity in Designing Houses – What emerged as a trend in architecture has become a philosophy of life and a way of understanding of how the relationship with the environment should develop. The architectural design in these homes has the primary objective of using available sustainable resources and maximizing energy savings. Thus, houses that are simplistic in design not only save their owners, but also contribute to improving the health and quality of life of those who inhabit them.

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