Latest Technologies For Constructing New Buildings

In the era of technology, innovations are introduced in market frequently. It is interesting to see how technology is reshaping the construction industry with this new trend. Our little nests are becoming smarter and functional with the help of technology innovations.

Some new technology ideas used while constructing new buildings are:

Smarter Home

Gone are the days when the family members stand up and switch on the fan or AC after coming from heat. Technology has freed you from doing this by providing mechanism like Thermostat which also saves your spending by almost 10-15%. It remembers desired temperature and creates auto-schedule. It also controls your thermostat across all platforms like phone, laptop along basic functionality of showing weather, temperature, and time. Construction companies are investing in making homes smarter by taking basic material to the exotic level like using smart light which will control your color, brightness, and theme with voice or through app. Devices like Eaton Home Automation Hub which controls all home automation of lights, thermostat, and security from a single device.

Safety and Security at Peak

Safety and security of residents are among top priorities of top construction companies. Devices like smart sprinklers which allow you to monitor and adjust sprinkler system from gadgets. They also optimize water schedule based on local weather forecasts and change in season automatically.  Water efficient feature saves 50% of your outdoor water use. Security systems that you can control remotely will make your home safer when you are not there. Smart locking system enhances security of your residence. Smart locking may of type biometric, PIN Code, Security Tokens depending upon your need for security.

Smart Furniture

House loaded with heavy furniture is old school concept. If phone can become smart why not furniture! Smart furniture is choice of Millennial generation especially prefer in metro cities. High rise buildings are looking forward to enhancing their housing projects with smart furniture. Smart furniture includes Sleep Number bed which will give user’s sleep pattern report also can provide notification when a child is seek or gets out of bed. Smart Kitchen Shelves keep track of pantry material which will help you to cook recipes using the available ingredients.

Deal with natural calamities

National Geophysical Research Institute has reported that 90% of buildings in Hyderabad city don’t follow the BIS norms which result in collapsing buildings. Earthquake series may be triggered by heavy rainfall and also human interruption by large amount of rock blasting incidences. Features like Earthquake resistance buildings, dry-flood proofing, high elevation in flood prone, etc. are included by newly construction sites. Real estate developers in Hyderabad are taking this on serious note and making the project safer, advanced and eco-friendly.

“As technology gets more advanced, so do amenities.” Modern and technology based amenities gives extra layer of standard, comfort to the residence. 

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