Where You Choose To Live Can Have a Huge Impact On All Areas of Your Life

Each person has his own preference for the kind of place he or she wants to live in, call it home. Some prefer open localities with basic infrastructures and some might prefer gated communities with more than general infrastructures, and some might want to live near the beach, some would prefer the mountains, some like the city, and some prefer the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. But the place, locality, or community we choose to stay in greatly impacts us in each and every aspect of life.

The following pointers are the perfect way of explaining the areas of impact in life due to the place where we choose to stay:

  • Our mental health

The locality we choose to live matters to our mental health and moods. Who we interact with and how our surrounding is does greatly affect us in ways we do not understand. Living in a locality that has educated and cultured people can effect positively on people and can help residents have a good and happy mood throughout days rather than localities and communities that have socially disturbing incidents happening on a regular basis.

  • Our physical health

The place where we choose to stay does have a lot of effect on our overall health, especially our physical health. How the area is planned and executed reflects on the positive health effect it has on the people residing in it. It is necessary to take into consideration if the area we are choosing to buy or rent our house is not too overcrowded or over polluted as it is sure to become a health hazard and cause for a number of ailments.

The weather conditions prevalent in the area of our residence are also an important factor as our physical stamina is affected due to weather changes.

  • Our spiritual well-being

A community with harmonious beliefs and peace impacts positively on the lives of people living in it, making it important for finding a locality/community which is advantageous to our spiritual well-being. Constant clashes over beliefs and faiths can be disturbing to our mental peace and our spiritual being.

  • Our social life

A locality or community is made up of people and the people living near us are what make up our social life. It is them we interact with on regular basis. We meet them, walking to and fro to our house, a walk in the common park, when we are shopping for groceries, and for community programs and events. Our regular interactions and communications have an impact on our social life, either good or bad.

  • Wealth and legacy

Living with rich neighbours who drive jazzy cars and flaunt branded clothes and accessories usually compels us to make those purchases to keep up with them, which may or may not be within our own spending capabilities. The pressure of keeping up with the richer neighbours is usually demanding on people and derogatory to us keeping our money and wealth intact or growing. We tend to spend more than we should. It is important to find a place that has people similar to our lifestyle and spending capabilities.

Best areas in Hyderabad for living and property investments:

Adibatla- This place is in the south of Hyderabad, Telangana. It is subtitled the next IT hub in Hyderabad. It is connected to the main city and is near to the airport and top IT companies like TCS, Cognizant, TATA and Google. Having a house in this area can help you grow economically and meet up with like-minded people and families.

Ghatkesar: It is the eastern part of the beautiful Hyderabad city. This is best for affordable living. It has many residential commercial projects running. Apt location for people who prioritize their mental and social well-being.

Kompally: This is the fastest-growing residential area in the northern Hyderabad city. It is best for luxury housing and for those who want a place that is good for their physical and social health.

Shadnagar: This place is famous for buying affordable plots. This is nearly 50 km away from the main city and quite close to the railway station.

Property investments in Hyderabad:

Ameerpet- This place is best known for the residential hub in Hyderabad. It has seen high growth in rates in the past few years.

Kondapur– This place is located in the north of Hyderabad and surrounded by IT companies in the area. This is the place you want to live in if you are looking for positive impact on your wealth and legacy and mental well-being.

Kukatpally– It is a mixture of the residential plus commercial locality. It is surrounded by the best social and civil infrastructure and works for people looking to improve their physical, mental, as well as spiritual health.

Madhapur- The locality gained popularity due to the introduction of the metro route in the area and is apt for people looking to get good property at best prices. Choose the locality if you wish to improve on your wealth and overall well-being.1

Where we choose to live in greatly impacts each aspect of our lives and putting in enough time in understanding our requirements and what the area we are looking around has to offer us and if the place suits our needs and is socially, mentally, spiritually, and economically fulfilling.

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