How To Make Your Home Radiate Positive Energy

Your home is where your heart is… it is a place where you not only live but it is your safe haven, a place where you laugh, cry, play, relax, and create so many memories, happy and sad. It is a place which requires a lot of love and care and a good, healthy dose of positive energy for it to flourish and transform into a happier place.

When a house is neat, clean, and full of positive energy, it becomes a good place beneficial to the overall physical, and mental health of the people living in it. We all desire a home that is happy, relaxing, comfortable and rejuvenating and it is no doubt that the construction and décor have an effect on the ambience of your home and Vaastu for home also plays an important role and with a little care, we can convert it in all that we want.

Here are several ways in which you can make your home filled with positive energy:

  • De-clutter your living space

Clutter causes confusion and increases stress in people and stress is known to quell positive energy. Get rid of things you no longer need or require and make space for positive energies to flow in and through your living spaces. When a small space is de-cluttered, even if it is just a drawer, you will feel renewed positive energy in that space. Place a vase of fresh flowers or decorative items where you have cleaned out the unwanted stuff.

  • Let in the fresh air

A place that is always closed not only feels suffocated due to the lack of fresh air moving in and out, it also blocks the positive energies from flowing within the house. Keep the windows of your homes open and let clean, fresh air inside for it to push negative energy from the house and let positive energy to move in and radiate in your living space.

  • Add color to your walls

Choosing the right colors scheme for the house is also a deciding factor that will affect the energies within the house. Having dark and morbid colors impact the state of mind of people residing in and opting for lighter, brighter, and calmer colors is bound to make your house feel happy, cheerful, and positive.

Adding a new coat of paint will provide your walls with a fresh and new look and a burst of energy that is bound to bring in positivity to your home.

  • Let in the sunlight

Closed rooms and living spaces feel musty and devoid of happiness and opening the windows to air and sunlight can instantly turn it into a brighter and lively space. Natural sunlight not only destroys germs and bacteria, helping you keep your family healthy, it also helps one feel positive and happy.

  • Add personal touches

Apart from letting the sunlight and fresh air moving in the living spaces, sprucing up your home with a little knicks and knacks that make the house your home will help in adding more positive energy to it.

  • Place plants in the house to add more life to it.
  • Place picture frames, personal artefacts, artwork done by children or family members, and such to make the space more personal. Adding your personal touch will make the space more ‘your’ space and radiate positive energy.

All these small changes are sufficient to help convert your home into a happy, lively, and filled with positive energy space which is vital for the well-being of everyone residing in it. It is important that your house feels happy, calm, and peaceful for your overall wellbeing and mental peace.



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