Which Area in Hyderabad is Best For Investing in Real Estate


Hyderabad, the city of pearls, has witnessed a paradigm shift in its infrastructure developments, owing to the fast-paced growth of its highway corridors, expansive road networks, and highly functional metros and railway networks. The city has much more to offer than just its effectual growth patterns, Hyderabad has been affluent in culture and heritage throughout history as numerous monumental edifices were established by prestigious rulers.

Being one of the sustainably growing cities in India, Hyderabad is the most sought after location for the residents of the city as well as the future residents and investors. The infrastructural growth soars extremely high, owing to the IT and ITES epicentres in the city that fuel real estate growth by creating new employment prospects.

In the future years of Hyderabad’s infrastructural climb, it is anticipated to be mushrooming with new and advanced projects. Metro Phase-1 will be completed and will be fully operational, whereas Metro Phase-2 will be on the works and soon to be operating. The upcoming road and rail network will ease the growing demographic of the city, reducing the population’s impact on the wellbeing of its residents. The concern of traffic congestion with this boost in the immigrant dwellers will be replaced with the convenience of having shorter commute periods.

More IT firms will set foot in the growing IT industry of Hyderabad, initiating a new wave of employment for the people already residing in the city, those around the city and as well as the ones from neighbouring cities and states wishing to settle in Hyderabad. The influx of residents will surely aid in boosting the real estate industry as the industrial growth intensifies the demand for residential quarters.

Properties in Hyderabad, in recent years, have been exceptionally appealing to the investors and property buyers. However, amidst the different areas of Hyderabad, the property index varies. Understanding and studying these proclivities are beneficial as investing in an area where the trajectory of growth is curving steeply upwards rather than purchasing a property with a flatter growth curve. In simpler words, buying a property in an area with a higher property index will yield you a higher appreciation in your proceeds as it is prophesized to keep advancing.

The most productive and profitable zones to invest in the real estate market of Hyderabad include the Major IT hub of Hyderabad, HITECH City that has bared a 31% growth in its property index,  which reveals the growth of the real estate prices in its concerned area. Investing in an area with a high property index as that of HITECH City will promise you a higher return than an investment made in an area that has a much lower property index. In other words, always study the trends in the property index of the area that you wish to invest in.

Below are some of the real estate investment hotspots along with their property index that may ease your decision-making processes while investing in the flourishing real estate of Hyderabad.

Gachibowli 17% growth
HITECH City 31% growth
Jubilee Hills 15% growth
Madhapur 15.5% growth
Kondapur 47.7% growth
Kukatpally 38.2% growth
Nankram Guda 25.8% growth
Appa Junction 11.1% growth
Financial District 6.4% growth
Banjara Hills 46.8% growth

The above graph represents the rise in the property index in the last 10 years and has witnessed, all areas of Hyderabad are on the fast track of growth and development in the real estate sector.


Banjara Hills, Kondapur, Kukatpally and Nankram Guda have risen exponentially in their index, promising its future investors an assured appreciation with its steady upward growth. Areas like Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, and Gachibowli have also sustained a stable escalation, solidifying their potency as a potential investment opportunity.

Appa Junction and Financial District’s property index are on the lower side of the lot, but these indexes can fluctuate and grow further and newer projects are constructed in these vicinities. Thus it is beneficial for investors in Hyderabad to refer to the property index before investing in a project and basing their actions on the regional trends of the regional property rate appreciations.

Hyderabad along with the above-mentioned areas has proven to be an extremely fertile base for real estate investments as per the trends in recent years. The areas have witnessed a boost in growth that is continuously escalating in a swift and speedy manner, as the ascent in its property index remains steady.

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