Precast Technology: The Next-Gen Solution To Construction


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The precast technology is a robust construction technique that is gaining fame for its unique construction results. The precast structural systems possess several advantages compared to conventional cast-in-situ concrete systems, such as quality control and speedy construction.  Today, with critical housing shortages, rising labour, and input costs and an emphasis on timely delivery, more developers are opting for innovative construction practices like precast. The precast building technology is rapidly gaining a foothold in the Indian market and the use of it can bring down the construction cost by 10-15 %. This technique will indeed be the answer to India’s affordable housing.

The best part of the technology is that it not only speeds up construction work but also enhances the quality of the final output. And since precast is less labour-intensive, several contractors and developers have been embracing this technology.

This construction asset has been mindfully utilized by Aurobindo Realty in two of their signature projects, Galaxy and Orbit. This method helped us cut down safety hazards, lower the rate of any destruction and was also cost-effective. Its battle against weather conditions like extreme rain, swift winds, and even the cold climate is excellent. This is what keeps the interiors and exteriors of our structures so protected and so resilient against harsh natural conditions. This concrete basically has a slow reaction to external climatic conditions and hence the expenses of heating and cooling are inevitably reduced owing to its thermal character. Precast structures also do not require finishing, like plastering or wall putty. It is the latest technology in Hyderabad and is the most practical method in the industry.

Galaxy and Orbit display the much-desired smoothness and luster owing to the special precast elements. The results of using the precast material are outstanding and are characterized by the sturdiness and excellence of quality. The construction in Hyderabad is clearly evolving with this contemporary technique. In large commercial buildings, this method can save up to 40 percent of the energy costs. The high density of this precast concrete can act as a thermal sink to provide year-round comfort and reductions in energy use.

One of the key highlights is that the precast concrete that we have employed in our projects is fully fireproof and is fused with the appropriate insulation and plastering on walls and ceilings and hence prevents the fire to spread through the structures.

We have never withheld any effort when it comes to promising complete security to the employees of Galaxy and Orbit. This prevents break-ins and break-outs and it prevents any impactful breaching attempts.

Owing to the heightened density, Galaxy and Orbit also absorb sound powerfully and thus, any external disturbance is successfully cut off. Not to forget, the precast material is 100% reusable and that is what makes it extremely environment-friendly.

Pre-cast technology is the most conducive technique for Aurobindo Realty, as a real estate brand to stay a step ahead with sustainability, durability and a promise of brand-new customer efficient technology.

In large commercial buildings, this method can save up to 40 percent of the energy costs. And in the case of residential buildings, home buyers will get a larger carpet area, since precast walls are thinner, compared with conventional brick walls.


Precast technology and Indian real estate market

Most of the big names in Indian real estate are fast resorting to the method of adopting precast technology. They are incorporating this methodology in every recent project of theirs. As already discussed, the precast technology has its main advantages in speed of construction, quality and construction. Aurobindo Realty is a pioneer in adopting this technology in their residential projects.

With the help of precast technology, one can ensure production capacity of around 5 million square feet of area, per year. Much in use for construction projects abroad, this technology can bring down the construction costs by about 10-15%. A lot of construction time has been saved in the Middle East, as well as Europe. The speed of the construction also receives a boost along with the quality.

As per the regional head of a leading name in real estate, precast technology is a very versatile mode of construction. It can be used for all types of structures like parking lots, villas, high-rises or commercial projects. It also has greater resistance o seismic fluctuations and requires less maintenance. The basic advantages of adopting this technology are speed and quality in construction, control of waste, flexibility, structural stability and requirement of less workforce. We at Aurobindo Realty have immensely benefitted by adopting this technology for our residential buildings.

Let us enlighten you with the ways by which we have been helped by the adoption of this technology, which is already in widespread use in Malaysia, Europe, Dubai, Singapore etc.

  • We received a quick ROI for our money. We could also apply this technology for all sorts of constructions. So, we did not have the requirement to go in for different kinds of technology for different types of construction.
  • Precast concrete has helped us in a lot way in opting for sustainable design. It is not only durable and versatile but also comes under the purview of stringent quality checks.
  • Other than the advantages already mentioned, precast technology has eliminated the need for other auxiliary activities like electrical wiring and plastering.
  • We could quickly erect the precast panels on the construction site, with minimum disturbance to the site. It can also save energy and increase comfort levels.
  • With the help of this technology, we can employ tailormade components made of precast concrete-like wall panels, slabs, columns and beams. They offer flexibility both in terms of size and shape with a great variety in surface colour and finish. You want to experiment with creativity, you have to go for precast technology. Our engineers and architects can experiment with a plethora of choice to build high-quality and character. Almost all our upcoming residential projects in Hyderabad are using this technology.
  • The precast concrete is a great choice for sustainable design. Highly trained professionals prepare it without any wastage. The precast thermal mass can also save a whole lot of energy.

Apart from all these reasons, there is a big reason why most of us in the real estate industry, prefer this technology. The Indian market is already facing a huge shortfall in meeting the demands. The most important challenge is the shortage of skilled manpower. Also, the current capacity of construction based on conventional mortar and brick technology is heavily limited. All these challenges can be met with the help of precast technology.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Why is precast technology important for residential projects?

What is the importance of precast technology in residential properties? Real estate developers, who know how to adapt to technologies, are taking the help of precast technology for residential buildings. Let’s see why:

  • Being environmentally conscious is necessary. The real estate developers have to take special care of this. Thus, comes the use of precast technology.
  • Real estate and construction industry is often caught responsible for adding to the pollution woes. Where most of the buildings in India are still being constructed using conventional techniques like timber formworks, in-situ concrete, there is a growing awareness of green technologies.
  • Precast technology is known for reducing carbon footprint, besides increasing the lifespan of the building. It also reduces the emission of pollutants.
  • Precast technology involves the best use of natural resources, recycling and reducing waste production and guaranteeing sustainable methods of development.
  • Precast technology is also known for the ROI and speed it provides.
  • Time is money also. The precast method can save about 64% time for the same project, as compared to the conventional methods.
  • Most importantly, the quality of the entire construction project is far better than what one gets from the use of traditional methods.
  • The technology helps in having a bigger carpet area.
  • The structures do not require plastering anymore as the surface becomes smooth. This results in the requirement of very little maintenance.

Aurobindo Realty, being a new yet trusted name in the real estate industry, takes care of the fact that every latest technology is adopted in their projects.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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