Choosing Property

How Should I Shortlist Projects for Site Visits?

The following criteria can be used to shortlist projects:

  • Right Project:
    • Locality: Distance from the hospital, school, metro station, airport, work location, etc.
    • Apartment type: Whether your required type (1 BHK/2 BHK/3 BHK, etc.) is available.
    • Budget: Approximate ticket size in the project and whether it fits in your budget.
    • Availability: If the building is under construction/ready-to-move-in/resale property.
    • Residential type: Type of property - apartment, developer floor, villa, farmhouse, studio apartment, service apartment, etc.
    • Amenities: Available amenities like a lift, park, gymnasium, swimming pool, security personnel, power backup, gas pipeline, parking, clubhouse, sports amenities, etc.
    • Furnishing: Furnishing provided: unfurnished/semi-furnished/fully furnished.
    • Carpet area: Your requirement of minimum carpet area.
  • Right Developer:
    • Past projects: The type of projects the developer has delivered in the past.
    • Delivery record: Time taken by the developer to complete his previous projects.
    • Financials: The prominent lenders which are backing the project, if any.
    • Occupancy rates: Occupancy rates for the already delivered projects of the developer.
    • Market sentiment: A quick search related to developers online across real estate news and blogs, to get an idea of the developer’s reputation.

Which Quality Parameters Should I Assess Before Construction Begins?

  • Construction technology: This will be the major factor affecting the construction quality Modern technologies like Mivan, and Prefab provides long-lasting quality of construction.
  • Flat density: More the number of flats per acre, the lesser will be your share in the common amenities. Similarly, the number of users per lift will give an indication of how long you will need to wait for the lift.
  • Ceiling height: A high ceiling height will provide better air circulation.
  • Bathroom & sanitary fixtures: Check for the brand of the sanitary fixtures that the developer is providing. Good brands will last longer and be aesthetically better.
  • Flooring: The quality of flooring will depend on the tiles that are being used.
  • Kitchen: At times, developers also provide modular or semi-modular kitchens which can be an added advantage.
  • Generator backup: The voltage of backup provided varies with projects, a higher voltage of backup will allow you to use the air conditioner and other equipment even in the absence of power.
  • Security: Some projects provide video doors and other advanced forms of security; this can be an added benefit to your flat.
  • Paint: The quality of the paint will depend on its type and brand. This will be specified by the builder before beginning the construction.
  • Electric fitting: Electric fitting brand will also affect its lifetime; this can be checked with the developer before the execution of the project.

What Factors Should I Evaluate to Choose Between an Under-Construction or Ready-To-Move-in Property?

  • Cost: If factors such as location, area, property type, and developer are the same, a ready-to-move house usually costs more than an under-construction one.
  • Risk v/s Returns: Buying an under-construction property usually yields a higher return on investment due to an extended window period between the buying stage and delivery timeline. There is, however, an element of risk associated with an under-construction property in terms of on-time delivery of the property. With RERA, the risks have been significantly reduced.
  • Availability: A ready-to-move-in property is available for immediate occupancy. This also potentially saves you from the hassles of paying both the rent and EMIs.
  • Tax implications: Goods and Services Tax levies a 12 percent tax on the purchase of under-construction properties. Ready properties, however, are left out of the ambit of GST. Tax benefits can be availed for home loans under sections 24, 80EE, and 80C of the Income Tax Act. The benefits under these sections are restricted to only ready-to-move-in properties or if possession is taken within 3 years of availing home loan.
  • Quality of construction: In the case of an under-construction property, you are aware of the quality of materials being used and the strength of the foundation; however, for a ready-to-move-in property, it may be more difficult to ascertain the quality.
  • Age of Property: A ready-to-move-in property might start wearing out faster as compared to an under-construction property (depending on the age and maintenance).

What is the open spaces percentage in a project?

Open space in a residential project refers to a piece of land or area that does not have any structure or construction done on it. Open spaces can include green spaces, landscapes, parks, and community gardens, among others. At Auro Realty, we ensure a minimum of 80% of the total land parcel is dedicated to open and green spaces.

Can my Flat/home be customized/designed as per my taste?

A resident is allowed to make changes without compromising the civil and structural aspects of the building and the apartment. Any change or modification should always be done in consultation with relevant experts like architects and structural engineers. Every individual has a distinct taste, and hence the choice of customization or interior design may depend on the extent of alterations intended. You may consult the society/sales manager to get an idea and an understanding of the process and evaluate accordingly. Any addition/alteration in the basic structural system shall be prohibited.

What is the typical floor-to-ceiling height in Flats/homes?

The floor-to-ceiling height in most homes varies across different cities and typically ranges between 9 to 10 feet. In some cases, like penthouses or duplex homes, it goes over 10 feet.

Can I combine multiple apartments to make one large flat/ home?

Combining two apartments is very common these days. If you are looking for a bigger home to live in with your joint family or are looking for more privacy, this provision is provided in many buildings. However, the structural and architectural feasibility needs to be checked with the developer before any changes/modifications are done. The option of the Jodi apartment is pre-decided by the developer at specific locations and cannot be combined anywhere within the building.

What are the connectivity options that I should look for when choosing my Flat/ home?

Connectivity plays an important role in choosing the location for your home. Transport options that you or your family would need to use frequently like the metro, local railway, bus service, or proximity to the highway should be looked at. Other important factors to consider are the availability of schools, hospitals, malls, and other social infrastructure near your home.

How is car parking offered (sizes and types), and is there a provision for electric vehicle parking and charging?

All residential developments/Projects must provide a certain number of car park slots basis the number of homes in the residential complex. Standard parking size for a car is 12.5 sq. m., and for a two-wheeler, it is 2 sq. mt; though it also varies as per different jurisdictions. Car parks in most residential projects are provided in stilt, basement, podium, or MLCP (Multilevel car parking). Some projects also have mechanical car parks in the form of stack parking, puzzle parking, or automated car park towers. When it comes to car parking, we also ensure that every residential project that we develop has sufficient electric car charging facility/provision.

Are Auro Realty projects friendly for the specially abled and senior citizens?

We take into consideration senior citizens and the specially abled while designing our residential buildings. Some such features include:

  • Ramps alongside staircases in the common areas for easy movement of wheelchairs.
  • Grab bars while moving up or down the staircase.

Some of our recent projects also have dedicated senior citizen seating areas amidst green spaces.

Are Auro Realty residential projects pet friendly?

Yes, Auro Realty is pet friendly. In some residential complexes, we also provide dedicated spaces for pet parks/zones.

How does Auro Realty manage the project before society formation?

Auro Realty ensures the project is managed with optimal utilization of resources, materials, and processes till the time of social formation. This is done by implementation of the best in industry practices within the building environment, customer satisfaction focus, training of resources, cost-saving initiatives, budget management, compliance to IGBC and statutory requirements, predictive and preventive maintenance practices, timely repairs & rectifications, and asset management so that the project is handed over to the society/association in a well-maintained condition.

Are the buildings earthquake resistant?

In India, now most RCC-framed buildings are built as per local bylaws, the National Building Code, and relevant Indian Standard codes that are considered safe to withstand earthquake forces. As India is divided into various seismic zones, builders and authorities need to ensure that the design complies with the relevant IS standards.

What do sustainable/green-certified buildings mean? And what are the advantages for Flat/homeowners?

There are specialized green building certification bodies like the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), etc. which certify a building to be sustainable/green development. A green-certified building is one that, by its design, construction, or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts on our climate and natural environment. Every green building in India is carefully designed to protect valuable natural resources while also improving the quality of life of the residents. Some of the advantages for homeowners are lower maintenance and operational expenses, energy-efficient homes, enhanced indoor air quality and thermal comfort which leads to better health, reduced water consumption, and adequate supply of water through rainwater harvesting, among others.


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