Habits To Cultivate To Ensure Maximum Productivity When Working From Home

Working from home is a luxury that very few of us enjoy. With the intrusion of a deadly virus called COVID 19 into our lives, work from home has now become mandatory for several of us. While this option is feasible for mothers with young children, freelancers or self-employed professionals, there are a few who would never opt for working from home. Whatever be the reason, every individual, who is working from home now, will agree to both the joys as well as the boundaries.

Why not think of some pointers helping us to stay productive, as well as, preserve our mental balance while working from home? Though not all professionals have the pleasure of working from home, in this severe situation, let us curate those habits for the privileged lot.


  • It is a good idea to have defined spaces: If you have defined workspaces, at home, your productivity is not going to cross the danger line. Set aside a different room or a separate space, not necessarily a big one, for working from home. An office space helps you to have a better grasp of your deliverables. Keep my word, a conscious decision to work from a well-marked space will work wonders. There are some mind-lowing workspace designs, which the experts can help you with.


  • Have regular hours of working and stick to the schedule: If you do not belong to the group of people, who love the idea of working from home, you will hate staying back in these troublesome times. But amidst this lockdown period, this is the only option you are left with. Whenever you are trying to chalk out a plan of how to work from home, this idea might help a lot. Do not think of waking up late, as you do not have to beat the traffic to reach the office. Set your alarm and start working at the same time as you do in the office. Also do not forget to log out once you are done, instead of dragging it late into the night. Taking umpteen breaks in between, thinking that you have the whole world’s time, will do nothing but hamper your concentration levels.


  • Close the door: If you have a separate workspace, I would always suggest you close the door. You might be having certain responsibilities to carry out. I am not asking you to shove them off, but dedicate a good number of working hours behind the doors, to pay full attention as in an office.


  • Scheduling your work: Work from home in Hyderabad has special challenges like any other part of the world. Thus, it is always a good idea to dedicate a little more time in scheduling the workload. It is always a better idea as you can manage things with greater confidence. 


Just think of those professionals who come under the purview of essential services. They have families to take care of and are not endowed with a work from home facility. Thank your destiny and make your work from home schedule a productive one.

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