Vastu Tips To Bring Good Vibes Into Your Home

Vastu Shastra is an astonishing blend of science, art, astronomy and astrology. It is also said to an ancient Indian mystic science or philosophy for designing a building that will help make our lives better by enriching it with good & positive energy. Vastu Shatra quite plainly means the science of architecture. It is the knowledge of direction that combines all the five elements of nature: air, water, earth, space and fire and finds a balance between them with man and materials of his house. The basic principle of Vastu is to create an equilibrium in the setting to make the house a home where we can find mental relief and also have the chance to enhance health, wealth, good luck and prosperity. 

Vastu Shastra is not an overnight magic trick to change your life but rather an on-going learning process that allows you to understand your mind and how your environment affects it. It is a discipline that does affect your life, but gradually. Though large infrastructure is designed according to the principles of Vastu, there are a few simple Vastu tips that you can incorporate while planning the decor of your house to bring in happiness and prosperity in your life.

Here are 5 key Vastu Shastra tips to include in your home

1: Having a welcoming entrance: The entrance of a home is very important in establishing the overall mood as it is the first impression one has of the home. A beautiful entrance attracts peace and tranquillity. According to the Vastu, North or East direction is ideal for the entrance door. Keep it well arranged, bright with lights. The door should be preferable to solid wood. Avoid keeping shoe-rack or footwear in the line of sight here as it is believed to block positive energy from entering the home. Make sure to put your home’s nameplate at the entrance.

2: Having a decorated wall: Not all walls in the house need to be adorned with paintings but rather one wall in a common area like the dining room or drawing room is essential. This wall can be decorated by having a sculpture, paintings or holy artefacts on it. This is done so elements you add will exude positive energy to the rest of the house.

3: Having a good place to sleep: The bedroom is an essential room where people come to rest. This is a space that helps one rejuvenate themselves and prepare for the day ahead. You cannot be healthy without good sleep. According to the rules of Vastu, keep the bedroom well lit with natural lights during the day. This means having large windows and light curtains. Let the fresh air flow into the room by keeping the windows open for at least 20 minutes every day. There should be minimum furniture and the colour of the walls soothing. Plan the bedroom in the south-west direction but don’t put the bed in the corner or pushed along the wall.

4: A piece of the Ocean: Water represents healing energy. A Vastu painting showing the scenic view of the river, flowing water or goldfish on the wall brings good luck and wealth to your home and life. The larger the painting, the more energy it will attract. Plenty of fresh air and natural lights is extremely important in Vastu practices. Beware of having any paintings with negative energy like shipwrecks, stormy seas or the sea painted in dark gloomy colours.

5: Bring Nature into your home: Nature is the best way to refine not only the air but also the energy in your home. If you have space, create a small garden outside the window and have curved pathway or pave the path with pebbles and install a fountain. Keep a water fountain in the north-east part of your home and make sure that the flow of water is constant. Flowing water symbolizes the flow of energy and prosperity.

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