Vaastu Tips For New Home Buyers


Vaastu extracts positive energy from the natural elements like the solar energy of the sun, lunar energy of the moon, wind energy, magnetic effects of earth and heat energy of fire. It has a subtle way of bringing harmony while channelling energies.

Vaastu-compliant buildings, homes or offices have taken the real estate industry by storm, with home buyers choosing residential spaces that foster growth in personal and professional life. Vaastu Shastra has been prevalent in India for centuries, and numerous historic structures and temples have been constructed following the rules of Vaastu Shastra. This ancient practice uses the elements of nature to infuse lives with happiness, wealth, prosperity and health.

So if you’re looking to buy a new apartment, here are several tips that you can keep in mind while you hunt for your perfect home!


The entrance of your apartment is the key entry point in ushering in positive vibrations and happiness. Each space has 32 locations that can be the entrance of a building, and each of them is of importance and affects lives accordingly.

An entrance in the south-east zone is the Vaastu zone of cash, which may result in delayed payments, and south-west facing entrances may cause monetary and relationship issues. Whereas north-facing entrances manifest great monetary success.

Thus, check out your new apartment, make it a point to whip out a compass and check out the directions the entrance faces.


Just like entrances, the direction of your room has a major impact on your life. These effects can be positive or negative, making it a topic of extreme caution. Depending on the zone of your room, the vibrations of your room are reflected.

A bedroom between the east and south-east should be avoided as per Vaastu guidelines as sleeping in these zones increase anxiety and marital disagreements. Moreover, even a toilet between north and north-east zone should be avoided as it affects the immunity and health of the residents of the house,

However, the ideal place for the kitchen is the south-east zone, and kitchens in north-east and south-west zones should be avoided.


As per Panchtattava, a house is divided into 16 zones, where each zone has one of its five essential elements that influence different aspects of our life. For instance, Fire is the main element of the south-east zone, and it fosters a higher quality of sleep and relaxation.

North zone’s element is water which manifests in greater wealth, growth, career and monetary gains, etc. Thus any imbalance in this zone can cause disturbances professional and monetary aspects of the inhabitants.

It is very important to check the different directions of the rooms and the internal elements, including balcony, open areas, building’s height, gardens, etc. It is essential to study the five elements (Panchtattava) and what it stands for when choosing a home.

Always remember – water in the north, the air in the east, fire in the south, earth in the south-west and space in the west.


If you’ve already bought the property and still want to claim the benefits of a Vaastu-compliant house, then through space programming, you can make that happen. With just minuet changes in colours, shapes, lights, metals and symbols, your house can fit into the norms of Vaastu Shastra.

Positioning furniture in a certain direction improves the aesthetics of life. Vaastu Shastra also explains the science between the emotions colours reflects. As lighter shades help bring out relaxing and calming emotions than bright colours. This profound practise also empowers to make the best use of space. Clutter-free spaces promote unobstructed air circulation, making the home feel welcoming and open.

Vaastu Shastra is used to create a better life as It promotes eternal peace and calm. It can also promote a cooperative relationship among the dwellers that live inside the structure. Thus, while choosing your home, make sure its Vaastu benefits you!

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