The Structures of Imperial Glory: Hyderabad’s Architecture


The art and science concerned with the designing and building of large structures are called Architecture. The works of architecture tell us a lot about the culture of a particular place, calm or graceful dignity, generosity or gentleness. It is a fantastic source for us to learn about the remarkable stories of the particular city, the different adventures that the city has in store about the legends that made the city famous.

One such city which taps into this legacy is the 400-year-old Hyderabad- The city of Nizams.

Hyderabad is a huge city in itself and is known for its unique architecture. The architectural style of Hyderabad is an astonishingly beautiful fusion of ancient and modern styles. The city is famous around the world for its historical monuments. There are grand masterpieces, built during different time periods which help you dot the cultural changes that Hyderabad has experienced through centuries.

The main symbol and emblem of Hyderabad are the Charminar, which was constructed beautifully with plaster and stone, and includes a triumphal arch with 36-foot sides. It is greatly inspired by the Qutub Shahi Style. Inspired by the same style, the Golconda Fort was the center of a rich and powerful kingdom in the early sixteenth and the late seventeenth century. It represents a region rich in fertile agricultural tracts and fabulous mines.

The inspirations of the Qutub Shahi style can also be found in the great old fort of Hyderabad, Qila-Yi Kohna and Mosque.

Talking about the remarkable bridges of Hyderabad, Purana Pul, Naya Pul, Chanderghat bridge, Lakdi ka Pul, Muslim Jung ka Pul, are beautifully built and are unique in their own way.

Coming to the City gates of Hyderabad, Purana Pul Darwaza, Dabirpura Darwaza, Delhi Darwaza, Afzal Darwaza, Chaderghat Darwaza. Each of them has significantly contributed to the beauty of Hyderabad.

Adding more to the beauty of this city are the famous clock towers of the city, Mahbub Chowk Clock Tower, James Street Clock Tower, Secunderabad Clock Tower. Even today they are greatly admired for their aesthetics.

Besides this Hyderabad is also equipped with varied religious places like mosques, dargahs, temples, and churches. Some of them being, Jama Masjid, Meca Masjid, Kali Masjid, Mir Mahmud Dargah, Shah Raju Dargah, Sitaram Bagh Temple, Birla Mandir, Parsi Temple, St. Mary’s Cathedral, St. John’s Church. The presence of varied worship places is enough to tell us that Hyderabad is home to varied people of varied religions.

Fueled by personal ambition of sultans, wazirs, and commanders, there is an elegant series of tombs all over this city. Built with durable materials, the most famous among them being Qutub Shahi Royal tomb, Daira Yi Mir Munim, Tomb of Amin Al Mulk, Tomb of Hakim and Majid, Tomb of Osman Ali Khan and Tomb of Michel Raymond.

Since the nineteenth century, modern Hyderabad witnessed the emergence of civic architecture through the construction of banks, posts offices, railway stations, public meeting halls, law courts, and museums. Some of them being Shamshir Kotha, Khazana Building, Secunderabad Arsenal, State Bank of Hyderabad, High Court and many more.

Elaborating on the Education sector, The Osmania University started in 1939 served as the prototype for many top universities in Hyderabad like St. George’s, Nizamia Observatory, City College, Public School, and State Central Library.

Business communities started building their establishments in Hyderabad in the early nineteenth century. And it gave away to the set-up of many commercial buildings like Lad Bazaar, Nizam Club, Lady Hydari Club, Monty’s Hotel, Percy’s Hotel, and Pathargatti Bazaar.

Change is the only constant and the city of Nizams has very beautifully set an example to that, from the past to the present, the city of Hyderabad has been constantly responding to the changes and adapting to it. Presently, the city has embraced globalization and has been completely transformed. The newly formed Hi-tech city and the Pearl City are the perfect examples. Today, Hyderabad is home to many top-notch global companies including Deloitte, Amazon, Accenture, Oracle, Microsoft and Google and their breath-taking offices like Meenakshi Towers, KRB Towers, Omega Towers, Mind Space, Orion Towers, Trinity Buildings and Many More.

That is simply how architecture and foreign influences have intensified the cultural diversity of Hyderabad, making it beautiful and unique. Among the various top real estate builders in Hyderabad, Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure is one of them. With its various projects coming up namely, Galaxy, Orbit, Lulu Mall, it is expected to touch heights in the future.

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