Important and Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Buying New Luxury Apartments

“Vastu” which originates from the Sanskrit language, translates to “Vaas”- live and “Tu”- you, describing the way you live. It is the science behind the architecture of your home, denoting an organised way to ensure safe and peaceful living. While the “Shastra” or the scripture is an extensive study, it is difficult to adhere to all in a city landscape.
However, there are a few basic tips that one must take note of before buying a lavish home–

Shape of the Rooms

The structure of the rooms illustrates the various aspects of your home life. According to Vastu Shastra, the rooms strictly should be either square or rectangular in shape. The room should be structured such that all four peripherals should be aligned in the four cardinal directions. Vastu mentions the specifications of the building should be scaled on the ideal ratio of 1:1 or 1:15, but not exceed 1:2. While oval/circular rooms may seem uniquely alluring, Vastu clearly suggests refraining from such structures.

Balcony and Verandah

Balcony should ideally face the north or north-east direction, whereas you can decorate the space with plants and flowers facing the north-east direction.

Pro tip: Tropical-themed decor in the balcony is considered to attract positive energy.
Vastu for the Living Room
The four preferred dispositions for a living room are north, northeast, northwest, and east. It is widely believed that east-facing living rooms strengthen social relationships and create a positive impression of your home.

Vastu for Bedroom

A bedroom is considered one space where your mind reflects your inner self. To retain a positive vibe throughout the room, the southwest direction is considered the most beneficial– both for prosperity and health! For couples, southeast and northeast directions particularly induce a negative vibe, causing frequent fights.

Vastu for Kitchen

The kitchen is associated with the overall welfare of the family.
There are two main elements that are in play in this area– fire and water. South-East or south directions complement the fire element according to Vastu.
If you are searching for luxury apartments in Hyderabad in HITEC City, make sure that the provisions for the gas stove and the sink are placed separately; to avoid the opposing elements of fire and water.
Also, the kitchen facing the southeast direction will mean that you shall be preparing food facing the east direction (preferred direction for cooking as per Vastu).

Vastu for Washroom

According to Vastu Shastra, the washroom area corresponds to one’s immunity.
The most important thing to be noted while buying an apartment is that the kitchen walls should not be touching the bathroom. North-east direction is preferred for washroom placement. (if possible, opt for a flat that has a toilet separate from the bathroom). Vastu also strongly recommends not placing the Pooja room next to the washroom.

Shape of the Building as per Vastu norms

There are two main concepts in Vastu Shastra for the structure of the building—
1. “Gaumukhi” shape (cow-faced)
If the building is structured with a narrow entry point and broad at the back; then it is considered favourable for residential purposes.
2. “Shermukhi” shape (lion-faced)
If a building has a broad entrance and narrows at the back; then such structures are considered providential for commercial properties.

Kohinoor by Aurobindo Realty is a project where every parameter of these luxury apartments in Gachibowli is designed considering the best for the residents. You can choose from the many available configurations according to Vastu compliances and live a life of prosperity!

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