Innovation in Office Spaces as an Uplifment Towards Productivity and Happiness

Innovation in Office Spaces


The contemporary clan of working professionals is pretty much against stagnancy. Fortunately, the work picture is now taking a more adaptable and flexible turn. This is reflected in the increasing number of start-up initiatives, expandable commercial spaces and ever-changing designs in the commercial sector of Hyderabad.

The idea of office space in Hyderabad is becoming more versatile with changeable walls, flexible desks and with dedicated spaces for meeting rooms and spacious waiting areas. Office spaces at expedient locations coupled with the generosity of space to work are what is attracting employees of today. All these factors promote employee well-being and generate privacy, as required.


The biggest relief for job seekers in Hyderabad is that there is going to be a massive advancement and absorption of spaces in the commercial sector. The preoccupancy of offices in the city is gradually reaching the standard of Bengaluru. The square feet absorption has hiked and the upgraded quality infrastructure has shown a positive inclination towards a brighter commercial future. And, guess what? There is an optimistic point of view regarding the modern workplaces of the city and that has in turn drawn multiple international companies and co-working initiatives.

The lucrative steps were taken by the government, the improvised metro connectedness, the upgraded infrastructure development, and increased power supply have played a pivotal role in the enhanced picture of the Hyderabad property paradigm. Rather than venturing outside, the commercial offices aspire to mushroom and expand within the city itself.


Rather than spending more on artificial lighting, nothing can beat the impact of sufficient natural lighting on productivity levels.  Keeping this in mind, the latest office spaces in Hyderabad are following the trend of including bigger glass facades, and some even have made sure to incorporate balconies in their design layout. And also, the idea of planting more greenery inside the office and on the premises enables the efficient circulation of air and helps to refresh thinking and breathe healthy throughout the day.


To suit the ultra-modern requirements, developers these days are resorting towards technologically smart and environmental-friendly strategies of planning. This is inclusive of automotive lighting, effective water preservation, and protection against fire and burglary. Artificial intelligence and automation within the respective offices have led to more dynamic professional results and have generated much faster and efficient results work-wise.  Office buildings with such salient features not only draw quality leasing but also long-term rentals.


Along with the techno culture at work, several companies in Hyderabad are highly considering the automation of their canteens and cafes too. These days, a number of companies are resorting to a digital medium for placing food orders. By bringing cafes on a digital platform, corporate are encouraging employees to conserve their precious time of going to the canteen and arriving only when their order is ready to be served. This also cuts down the nuisance of long waiting lines. Results have shown that this has, in turn, led to saving time and consequently resulted in quicker work outputs. These operations not only automate but they also manage the efficiency of the administration and the creation of an appropriate food menu. They also promise complete safety of food standards and cater to all the necessary compliances.


With the operation of smart parking in Hyderabad, people can smoothly position and reserve an empty parking area at car parking spots that are suitable to them. Vehicle entrance and exit can be made more expedient with the application of this stress-free smart paying system.

The intelligent parking method is regarded as extremely advantageous to the parking attendants and to the people who are parking. When it comes to the patrons, the parking spots can be fully and optimistically used with the assurance of complete safety and the guarantee of being under the surveillance of the latest and most efficient system for the security of their vehicle. With the details provided with this system, the people driving are capable of keeping away from the car parking areas that are already entirely engaged and detect empty parking areas with ease somewhere else. Consequently, the number of automobiles unlawfully parked on the road which leads to traffic jams is lowered as they are compensated in the car parking spaces. This serves as a major ease factor for the patrons looking for parking during peak hours.


The transforming landscapes and the idea of office maximization have driven companies to adopt trending technologies and modern architectural layouts. Drawing the most refined talent is the goal of most in the business world and in order to support that criteria, innovative office designs clubbed with empirical commercial structures have not only impacted the working people but the industry as a whole. Renovating the out-of-date buildings and adapting a more lively layout is definitely the need of the minute. Also, the incorporation of newer physical features and the growing importance of co-working spaces are molding the commerce and industry and is going to have a positive impact on the future too. There is healthy and quality-grade progress in the commercial property in Hyderabad.

Considering all of the lucrative factors mentioned above, there is no doubt that the commercial sector is one of the most striking and profitable investment opportunities in our country. It is expected to attract large sums of capital in India and is attracting flexibility and adaptability in the big-leagues and also start-ups.

After an overall survey in Hyderabad about what smart features would employees opt for in their office building, besides the ones that already exist, there was a collective preference for the following:

  • Self-regulating lighting and windows. Almost every employee desires the need to customise the temperature and light setups for one’s personal space.
  • The kind of lighting facility that imitates natural daylight.
  • Meeting rooms where the screening will work effortlessly with your appliance.
  • Creche or daycare centres that help bring down the layoffs and the number of excess parental leaves.

Aurobindo’s iconic commercial landmarks, Galaxy and Orbit deploy the majority of the salient features mentioned above along with other technologically advanced characteristics. That is what makes them the most revered commerce destinations of Hyderabad.

To sum it in a sentence, ‘Hyderabad is the booming bay for commercial victory.’

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