Revamp your home luxuriously within budget

With the workplace being integrated with our home, people are seeking to renovate the space to optimise the working experience. Several DIY projects and Pinterest moments are the current fads among working millennials. So, we have assembled a list of minuscule changes that can revamp the whole apartment, that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Start with the colour scheme

The first step to instantly enhance the look of your home is to change the current walls of the room. This would not only bring the change but also set the base as to how you want to decorate further. There are two ways in which the room can drastically enrich the vibe.

1. Go for rich Pantone
The new trend in the colour scheme is to opt for an aesthetic-specific scheme. Among these, the darker yet mattifying shades are preferred that exude a sense of opulence. Blue-green shades, brown-marron shades, black-grey shades, and many such combos can give your room a sophisticated look. The metallic complementing decor shall add panache to the room. Dark aesthetics are also suitable for rooms you use for meditation or for reading. Setting up bookshelves in such wall colours gives that mysterious look to that corner.

2. Neutrals for a clean bright room
Another totally contrasting alternative to the above is to opt for a neutral colour palate. Beige, grey, taupe, cream and white dispense a brighter room. This illusion also makes the room appear wider. The whole space looks like a clean slate with neutral colours wherein you can experiment with the decor of other vibrant colours.

Vintage Decor

With the newest fad in interior decor, Vintage furniture has taken over the decor industry with a storm. DIYs have allowed people to experiment with worn-out furniture to give it that authentic style.
Another style that adds to the cottage-core aesthetic is the rustic decor. This industrial style adds a character to the room, and also can be done at low cost; all you need is metallic acrylic or furniture paint and you are sorted. You can incorporate as many patterns as you like, and mix-match contradicting colours.
Another popular DIY is Decoupage- you can get these readymade design papers and all you have to do is glue them to the furniture, or any other decor. It mainly accomplishes french style decor, all within budget.

Invest in a good lighting

Lighting gives the necessary perspective to a room. Always invest in a good lighting structure for your apartment depending on the size of the room. If you want an entirely new look, colour rendering can make the room look vibrant or dim depending on the aesthetic.

Torchiere lights and carnelian lights at the corner of the rooms casts a glow onto the ceiling, making the room appear bigger.

Also, the accent lighting enhances the decor of the room to give it a more luxurious look. With residential projects in HITEC city, you can avail several quality decors nearby, at lower costs.

Adding Natural Elements

While the WFH culture has become the new normal, more people are inclined towards a more natural decor in the apartment for freshness. Incorporating house plants is trending, with several at-home pots, or unconventional methods of planting. Making a base out of scrap materials adds to the hipster look.

Hanging pots also adds zest to the room. These can be made at home, with no extra costs involved. Watering them regularly is the only maintenance required.

If that seems too much work as well, you can opt for artificial plants that are also available in various colours. Traditional Japanese plants like Azalea, Camellia, Bamboo and many more aesthetically-pleasing plants are the latest fad in decor; they give a zen feeling to the apartment.

These are only some possibilities, you can experiment way more for an opulent essence. Certain Real Estate developers in Hyderabad have designed the apartments with spacious balconies and extended spaces where you can incorporate various such DIYs.

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