5 Unique Options to Improve Lighting at Your Home

Luxury apartments in Hyderabad in HITEC city are the perfect living space for working professionals. But a concern that lingers often is how to conduct the lighting of the room to enhance the lavishness. You can incorporate all kinds of interior decors, but if the room is not illuminated concisely, then the entire aesthetic falls short. We have compiled a few tips to give extra glamour to everyday living.

Using The right LEDs

To set the basics right, the primary lighting of any room should be sourced from LED bulbs. These bulbs require 75%less energy than an incandescent bulb since diode light is much more efficient in power than filament light. This will considerably reduce your power consumption.

Even the Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, although having the same lumens as the LED one, requires more energy to produce the said lumens (Lumens is the measurement of light). LED Bulbs remain supreme in terms of energy efficiency, lifespan and colour rendering.

The other feature of LED that can enhance the room is to consider colour rendering which describes how the light source makes an object appear to you. This subtle variation in colour from LED will give a room the edgy look without over-brightening the space. The higher is the LED on Colour Rendering Index (CRI), the better is the colour discrimination, making your decor more vibrant.

Layering the lights

The perception of a room can add a character to it. This perception can be varied by the illumination of that area. One tip to enhance the light source is to add layers of lighting. This simply means, to incorporate other secondary sources apart from the primary lighting.

For example, a study/home-office room requires a well-lit room, but over time the brightness can cause excessive stress on the eyes. A lampshade, table lamps, are some of the best alternatives that are easy on the eyes and provide enough light.

Another case would be if you want a particular part of your room to appear elegant, a small chandelier, torchiere lamps, decor lightings, Ambient Lightings, or simple LED string can add that flare to the space.

Dimmer Switches

This handy tip can give your room a new look every day! That’s right, dimmer switches can vary the lumens of the bulb. With these customized settings, you can alter the lights for the perfect aesthetic. Dimmer Switches also help in controlling the power consumption when put on low settings.

There are two types available in the market- leading-edge dimmers and trailing-edge dimmers. Leading-edge dimmers have a higher minimum load which may not be suitable to be paired with low wattage LED. For a better chance of dimmer operations, trailing-edge dimmers are recommended.

Creating an elegant aesthetic using focal lighting

First off, make sure that not all the lighting in the room should be of the same size, otherwise, we perceive for visual clarity without landing on anything specific. To highlight specific things in your room, incorporate a lighting source that illuminates only that focal point with dispersing effect to give a mystic look to the room. Distinctive floor lamps or vintage sconces wall light can add that panache to smaller rooms.

Scaling your lighting according to the room

Apart from focal lighting, one must also take into consideration the scaling of the room to decide the placement of the fixtures. A spacious room should be illuminated with ambient light, but it should not overpower the room itself. Similarly, the lighting shouldn’t get lost in the heavily decorated room.

One thumb rule to follow is that the diameter of the chandelier in inches should be equal to the length plus the width of the room in feet. For example, if you have a 20×10-foot room, your fixture should be about 30 inches in diameter.
Experiment with various types of lighting decor, or neon signboards if you want a particular aesthetic. The luxury apartments in Gachibowli would come alive with a little shining light!

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