Tips to Optimize Your Home for Dedicated Activity Spaces

Even before we buy a house, the blueprint of our dream home is imprinted in our minds. For many of us, our home is a way we express individuality, it reflects our ideologies, and the way we live denotes our philosophy. Speaking of which, there have been several trends in interior designing that are derived from philosophies and the art of living. Some notable trends in the recent years were wabi-sabi, minimalism, tropical, existentialism, cottage-core and many more that reflected a person’s state of mind, or something they want to inculcate in their life purpose.
Ever since the hybrid-work model has taken over, everyone needs a dedicated space in their homes where they can separate their work and personal vibe. But the issue arises when, even with spacious apartments like The Regent luxury apartments in Gachibowli, stuffing the rooms too much, or disorganizing your furniture, leaves you with no space for specific purposes.
Before getting overwhelmed, simply declutter your mind—we are about to design your very own, self-soothing home!

First, Map Out Your Place

Take a look around your room. Are you bumping around at every corner? Is it just too congested? Does your room always look dark? These are some of the indicators of misalignment. To avoid this, you must map out your room. One proven way is to first decide the placement of the essential furniture.

For example: if you want to optimize the living room, the essentials would be your couch, TV, Centre table, and a console. The two most effective ways to map this arrangement are–

U-shape: This type of arrangement works well if you want to divert the entire focus of the living room towards the seating spots. Since this arrangement occupies only one corner of the room, you can save space at the end corners of the room to use accordingly.

H-shape: This arrangement racks your couch only at one edge of the room, while the TV is mounted on the opposite wall. This leaves ample horizontal room to walk around freely.
Similarly, you can apply this technique to the rest of the room. First place the essential furniture in a way that can leave ample space for the rest.

Pro-Tip: Always use overhead storage spaces to declutter the floor space. You have to optimize the carpet area anyhow!

Mount it on The Walls

The best way to optimize your space is to use the wall. The basic principle here is “if you can get your things to mount, then you are saving the ground”. Simply put, you can use showcases, wall hangings, wall platforms, etc, to put your extra stuff. This way, you not only optimise the space, but your walls look decorated as well, it adds character to the room.
There are a variety of ready-made wall shelves available in the market, or you can take some inspiration and design yourself.

Pro-Tip: if you have musical instruments, you can hang them on the wall— this way you can depict your hobbies in a room. A bookshelf is always a cool way to add a “Dark Academia” aesthetic to your room. The end result should be such that you have saved much of the ground space.

Incorporate Modular or Convertible Furniture

When you want to “optimize a space”, there’s nothing better than modular furniture. What is modular furniture?
It is customizable furniture that is designed for multipurpose. You can remove the individual sections according to your need and assemble them back for other uses. You can also use them for extra storage spaces, concealing the mess lying around.

The best part of such furniture is that you can personalize your space whenever you want. Some of the convertible seating arrangements helps when guests arrive. For example, the foldable divan that converts into a single couch is a recent trend; you are saving space for your personal use.

The flexibility with such furniture allows you free ground space, and also helps to customize your room whenever you want. It’s easier to move around and it is cheaper than normal furniture.

Also, most modular furniture is considered environmentally-friendly, since the making generates less wastage, or is made with recycled materials; all the while maintaining its durability.

Use Suitable Lighting
To assign an area for a specific use is to define the space by adding a personalized touch to it. Lighting helps to set the mood and the vibe.

– If you are looking for a relaxing corner, incorporate a neon sign board or small neon lights. The area will be well-lit and at the same time won’t overpower the space. It works best for reading corners– the best aesthetic for a good novel.

– For meditation spaces, use hanging lanterns with candle holders. This works best for calming your mind.
You can personalize your space by experimenting with various lighting–track lighting, pendants, ceiling, ambient lighting, wall sconces, accent lighting, & Task lighting. Some of them are quite economical and provide different aesthetics to your home.

Alternate Your Rooms Between Minimalist and Maximalist Décor

First, assign a theme to your room– consider the Kohinoor 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments in Hyderabad in HITEC city, you have ample rooms to decorate according to a theme. For the kids’ room, go for more interactive themes, you can add vibrant colours, more shelves and showcases, completely on the minimalism spectrum. You can also use the overhead storage space for the extra stuff.

On the other hand, if you want your bedroom to be a peaceful sanctuary, opt for minimalism for positive energy. Also, the room feels airy and spacious, where you can use it for a workspace as well.

Pro-Tip: you can utilize ground tables for your workspace. It helps you calm down while working. Place this workstation near windows for a breezy vibe.

Lastly, Keep Experimenting Every Few Months

The best part about personalizing space with movable décor is that you can try out new layouts. Apart from the affixed furniture, you can experiment with the dedicated spaces to keep an exuberant vibe at your home, the novelty is always exciting!
The Regent luxury apartments in Gachibowli are designed to allow the residents to express themselves through their homes, depicting their family life!

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